Speed Camera Locations Around Phoenix, Arizona


Speed cameras capture license plate images of vehicles exceeding posted limits, helping law enforcement catch speeding motorists who cause traffic congestion and accidents on city streets. Here is a list of speed camera locations around Phoenix, Arizona. What do you consider about bug sweeper.

Exit Ramp” speed placards inform drivers of the safe speeds for exiting highways based on various factors. These signs typically feature an equilateral triangle with thick red borders.

Paradise Valley

Since 1987, Paradise Valley has employed photo radar to enforce speeding and red light violations. A pioneer program in the country, it has significantly decreased traffic collisions by 42% since implementation. Sensors connected through computer technology at intersection traffic signals detect vehicles crossing them during red, amber, or green cycle transitions and take a photograph before issuing a citation to their driver.

As collisions still happen at lower speeds, less kinetic energy is generated, reducing damage to people and property and leading to less severe injuries. Furthermore, slower speeds lead to fewer serious injuries overall.


Chandler offers twelve photo enforcement locations to detect red lights and speeding offenses. These cameras help the city’s Police Department monitor intersections with more red light or speeding-related collisions. National studies and local experience demonstrate the power of traffic cameras to reduce accident rates and severity effectively. Chandler utilizes cameras to monitor potentially hazardous intersections round-the-clock; its red light camera program and “speed on green” camera capture vehicles traveling over posted speed limits at select meetings.

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