The Knight King Who Returned With a God Light Novel


The Green Knight challenges Gawain to a duel, showing his axe and asking for a reply within one year and one day.

Chris and Rani from the Knight Academy assist city defenders against an army of Magicite beasts. Leon Olfa from before now belongs to Steelblood Front; she can use her Artifact sword to change its size for even further assistance.


The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an action-packed manga featuring high-stakes battles and character development with dramatic stakes, romanticism, and fantasy elements rolled into one captivating narrative that will appeal to readers from around the globe.

Leon Dragonia Lionhart finds himself reincarnated into an elite family in another realm, where he serves as knight king to an empire populated with both humans and devils. For three hundred years, he fought these creatures before returning home, bringing along with him a powerful partner whom they had not previously encountered on Earth. This story examines both characters as well as their complex relationships among themselves.

Chapter 18 shows Leon’s leadership development by taking time to listen to a worker who came in urgently needing his assistance. This small act reflects Leon’s keen approach, enabling him to connect with his team members and motivate them to work as one unit – essential elements for successful patrolling operations.

Recent chapters show Leon being aggressive towards demons that attack his patrolling areas, seemingly out of frustration for their loss of human lives caused by them and out of feelings of racism.

Leon remains honorable despite his anger, protecting those in his territory from threats such as demon attacks. Furthermore, Leon is an adept fighter who easily defeats most demons that attack him; however, he cannot beat Dullahan, who represents one of the greatest dangers.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is a captivating light novel sure to pique readers worldwide. Boasting an intriguing storyline and stunning artwork, this manhwa has attracted an avid following among readers worldwide. Fans can experience its fascinating tale first-hand by reading it on MANHWATOP, where they can immerse themselves into manhwa culture while connecting with its passionate community of readers – plus our site regularly updates so they never miss a chapter!


The Knight King Who Returned With a God is an exhilarating manga series sure to enthrall readers of all kinds. Perfect for fantasy enthusiasts, the story follows Leon Dragonia Lionheart as he awakens from death caused by overwork in his previous life and finds himself living a new fantasy life filled with dukes, knights, and magicians – though these roles seem very unfamiliar at first! When Leon Dragonia Lionheart awakes, he quickly adapts to his surroundings and begins his adventures!

I find the MC quite refreshing for someone who has fought for so many centuries – he is unique in his way of thinking and does not conform to the usual behavior seen in manhwas. It was great reading more of this series!

As for the plot, it features plenty of action scenes and engaging characters. Jagd plays the central role of being a cemetery keeper; his dedication is evident as he fights off any threats to protect his cemetery from enemies like Marley, who will pose threats from within and outside. Watch out! The battle between them will make for exciting viewing.

Chapter 17 was recently released, an outstanding chapter of this series. It shows how the protagonist’s actions affect those around him while taking risks to destroy orcs. Overall, it makes for a good read, but I hope there will be further character development.

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The Knight King Who Returned with a god light novel has won over readers worldwide with its charismatic characters and breathtaking imagery. When Chapter 17 was released on August 11, 2023, fans eagerly anticipated how the story would progress; fans noted the formal tone throughout Chapter 17, reflecting the publisher’s commitment to providing readers with premium content.

After reborn into the fantasy world, Leon Dragonia Lionhart dedicated himself to becoming a knight. He eventually reached holy knight status through hard work and dedication, defeating many enemies. Yet something still felt amiss with his life until Hari came along and became his partner; they could work together to fulfill their respective goals.

At Knight Academy, Chris uses Aether, given by Alistia from her past life, to secretly kill a Magicite dragon that attacked her family. Later, she discovers that Rafael, now Hieral Menace of Steelblood Front, is being mistreated as part of their organization; Rafael challenges Chris to a duel, but she quickly defeats him using previous life sword skills and closes her eyes to win easily.

Leon’s progress into an effective leader is evident throughout these chapters. He quickly established rapport with his team members by inviting them for tea breaks even while working on vital missions. Furthermore, Leon understood the value of keeping them happy and motivated, so they ensured each got precisely what they desired.

Readers of Knight King Who Returned with a God can look forward to more intriguing changes and twists in the coming chapters of this manga series, from big fights and strange partnerships to discovering secrets that could alter their course in this captivating tale. Not to mention, its artwork enhances its storytelling atmosphere and setting.


The Knight King Who Returned With a God is an engaging fantasy novel guaranteed to enthrall readers with its captivating plotline. Combining action, adventure, and drama on its journey across various settings. Additionally, this manhwa features beautiful characters, such as Sir Malcolm’s knight facing personal and emotional trials along his journey and a blossoming romance between himself and his companions.

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