The Story of a Boy Who Can See Livespans


Kei Yamada, an ordinary high school boy, suddenly gains the ability to see lifespans and becomes aware that his best friend will live an extraordinarily long life – but does this indicate his premature end?

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Life Spans

Life span refers to the period from birth until the death of any organism or person. It can also be used as an average figure representing how long one might expect to live given current age and health status; this concept should not be confused with life expectancy, which refers to how long someone could stay alive based on historical mortality data.

Life span doesn’t indicate an endpoint to an organism’s existence; instead, it shows its finite lifespan that can be primarily determined by heredity and environment. Some species, like mayflies, have short lifespans, while others, like gnarled bristlecone pines, have incredibly long lives.

Environmental improvements and advances in medical care that have reduced infant mortality, improved food, and water availability, and reduced infection risks and disease risks have substantially extended human lifespan in recent decades; the the average lifespan has gone from 50 years to 80.

Fantasy fiction often compares the lifespans of different creatures. A kangaroo’s birth only leaves its pouch an inch long; by contrast, newborn deers usually start walking immediately upon delivery – giving us an accurate reflection of differing organisms’ lives, which explains why aliens with such extreme lifespans often feature prominently.


Kei Yamada, an ordinary high school boy, suddenly finds he can read lifespans. After discovering that one of his best friends will live an unusually long life, Kei becomes consumed with trying to prevent it.

Several years younger than Cory, Brenda often picks her nose and offers boogers to boys she likes. She develops an obsession with Cory, but he finds her repulsive; eventually, Brenda moves up a grade just so they can stay close, making his life miserable for at least a year.

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Cory Mackenson was an ordinary 10-year-old living in Zephyr, Alabama, in 1964 when, on his daily milk route, he witnessed a car plunging into Saxon’s Lake and attempted to rescue its driver but found them handcuffed to their steering wheel dead.

Cory meets many eccentric characters during his stay in Zephyr. Among these is Leatherlungs (Cory refers to him) and his teacher, Judith Harper, who encourages him to enter a short story contest, ultimately winning. Even with their differences in opinion, Cory and Mayor Alcott become friends after Alcott notices a green feather on Cory’s hat.

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