Top 5 Tech Companies Near Me


Silicon Valley laid down the blueprint, while NYC took a more experimental approach with Wall Street flair. This bustling Big Apple is home to a full crew of sales, finance, marketing, and other professionals—each contributing their expertise to successful businesses in this city. Find out the best info about sdit.

Greenhouse Human Resources Solutions offers HR software designed to streamline the hiring process, while Electric offers tech troubleshooting assistance with ease.

Procore Technologies

Procore provides a suite of tools to manage construction project management, from a central dashboard that connects all team members to an app marketplace that connects with hundreds of software tools. Users can upload photos and documents into the system for seamless communication; Procore eliminates paper documentation while improving communication efficiency.

This company specializes in cloud-based construction management software solutions. Its products include tender management, BIM modeling, and field productivity evaluation tools. Revenue is recognized over the term of each contract agreement.

Procore Technologies was established in 2002, with headquarters located in Carpinteria, California.


Adobe is a tech company known for its creative design-centric software solutions. Their comprehensive collection includes applications targeted toward designers, photographers, videographers, and marketers alike. The actual Interesting Info about sdit.

Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe’s flagship product, includes Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and other popular programs, as well as Adobe Sign, an electronic signature platform.

This company specializes in customer experience analytics, offering a single view of customers across channels. Its product suite also features intelligent attribution and predictive analytics to detect opportunities, answers, and solutions for customers. With offices in NYC, Boston, and Dublin and employing over 11,000 globally, it seeks curious, collaborative team players.


Calyx was established in Petaluma, California, to provide communications service providers with cloud software platforms, systems, and services that enable them to simplify their businesses while delighting subscribers and growing value. This is accomplished by using real-time data analytics for connected home experiences.

Glassdoor reviews indicate that Calyx offers an outstanding work environment, and employees are pleased with their team. Furthermore, their work-life balance ratings are impressively high.

ConneXions provides broadband service providers the chance to share best practices and user recommendations at an event dedicated to BSPs. Sessions led by industry experts provide valuable guidance that enables BSPs to achieve their business objectives more successfully.


Autodesk boasts over 80 solutions designed to address multiple industries. Their software solutions, such as AutoCAD and Civil 3D, are used for architectural design and infrastructure engineering, respectively, while Revit and Inventor help streamline construction workflows. Autodesk also recently began creating products tailored explicitly towards maker culture, such as a metaverse platform and fabrication technology. Look into the Best info about sdit.

Established by co-inventor John Walker in 1982, Autodesk develops computer-aided design (CAD) software. It serves customers in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, digital media, and entertainment, with AutoCAD sales accounting for the majority of its revenue generation worldwide.


Samsara digitizes physical operations using plug-and-play IoT sensors and cloud observability. Their Connected Operations Cloud empowers businesses engaged in physical operations to increase utilization, decrease operational costs, and enhance safety across construction, transportation/warehousing/fleet services/manufacturing/field services industries.

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all refer to samsara as the cycle of birth, suffering, and death that must be overcome to find freedom or nirvana. Samsara’s fleet management platform continually adds features based on customer feedback. Its intuitive dashboard helps new users quickly grasp its functionality, while customizable forms for equipment inspections significantly reduce manual data entry needs.


Cisco was established in 1984 by husband-and-wife team Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner as an international technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Today, it is an innovator of digital communications technology with specializations in cybersecurity and videoconferencing.

Hardware products of WebEx include routers and switches – computers used to move data packets between billions of computer networks – security products include firewalls and intrusion detection systems; WebEx Teams cloud collaboration business is trendy, and the San Francisco-based company boasts a strong presence in education technology through 2U partnership that supplies nonprofit universities with SaaS platform services and technology-enabled services.


Microsoft is one of the world’s premier computer software sellers and is widely recognized for its Windows OS, Office productivity suite, and Xbox video game consoles. Their products have had an enormously positive impact on society worldwide by making computers accessible and providing people with data access.

Microsoft was established by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 and offers an impressive corporate social responsibility program that includes funding education and technology access as well as innovation within its products.

2U is an educational technology company that collaborates with nonprofit colleges and universities, providing them with cloud-based platforms and technology-enabled services, including course design, infrastructure, and capital to deliver online degree programs.


MathWorks (MATLAB) develops and markets technical computing software used widely across many engineering and scientific fields for data analysis, algorithm development, and more. Their products include MATLAB – an integrated development environment (IDE) for computational science – and Simulink, which offers mathematical modeling and simulation platforms.

At present, this company employs over 6,000 employees worldwide and is based in Natick, Massachusetts. Its products are used by companies and organizations such as Amazon, Google, Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. military, and General Motors, among many others.

Have you never heard of this tech company? Chances are it’s behind the technology in your car, phone, or even a rocket! Additionally, their software could also be found in schools, printing presses, artificial limbs, or defense systems.

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