Unique Party Gifts For Kids and Adults


Unique party gifts are the ideal way to thank guests for attending your special event and act as lasting souvenirs that they can use even after it has come and gone. Obtain the Best information about Unique party gifts.

Hand puppets with stuffed animal figures are always a hit at kid-themed parties, especially when coupled with candy! Children will absolutely adore these treats as party favors.

Board Books

Board Books are an ideal way to encourage children to start reading. Made from cardboard and designed specifically for young readers ages 0-3, board books provide an accessible introduction to reading for children aged 0-3. Compared with other picture books, board books tend to be shorter, with one word or no text at all! Plus, they’re thicker compared with hardcover or paperback editions, making them easy for young hands.

When selecting a board book for your child, try to choose something that relates to their interests. If your little one enjoys trucks, look for books about them! These can usually be found at local bookstores; sometimes, even used bookstores may carry copies.

Visit your local bookstore and speak with their staff for their recommendations, or check the library to see what books they have available.

Make a board book! Creating your board book can be a rewarding and engaging activity for both of you, with images and text running to all edges of the page to prevent it from looking ragged when complete.

Bath Crayons

Partying with kids can be costly. Food, decorations, and activities quickly add up. Instead of filling goodie bags with treats that provide temporary joy boosts, consider these unique party favors that won’t end up going unused.

These colorful bath crayons add fun and creativity to bath time by letting children draw freely on tub walls, tiles, or themselves using washable markers that quickly rinse off. Available either individually or as themed sets from Munchkin, their reusable crayons come in colors that work great on enamel tubs or tile (test on small areas before giving to kids).

Wooden puzzles are another timeless classic, providing both flavor and entertainment at once. Select an attractive set that complements your event, or opt for classic toys such as Fisher-Price Little People for something that fits right in with farm animal parties, Disney princess birthday celebrations, or construction zone birthdays.

Watercolor paint sets make an excellent party favor that will keep guests entertained after the festivities are complete. They make for significant Eric Carle-themed events or any party featuring arts and crafts as entertainment, with packs ranging from under $10 per pack all the way up to more than $20 packs available; many are compact enough for giving as gifts along with another favor.

Dinosaur Figures

Dinosaur figures offer an engaging way to bring the prehistoric world back to life. Available in an assortment of styles to meet the interests and preferences of dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages, these miniature replicas bring prehistoric creatures alive! Realistic dinosaur figures are meticulously hand-crafted using fossil discoveries and information on paleontology, while more creative versions provide more imaginative depictions.

While realistic dinosaur figurines can be great educational toys, some children may prefer interactive toys that take them into another world. A dinosaur robot that responds to voice commands is an engaging way to introduce children to technology; additionally, LEGO building kits allow kids to assemble their dinosaurs, while educational books teach children about various species and how they have developed over time.

An imaginative stuffed animal dinosaur makes an excellent and original party present for children of any age. Bedsure offers this plush version featuring 26 species and their respective names underneath, or check out Mudpuppy for their adorable T-rex toy or colorful dinosaur hat that boys and girls can share.

Ice Cream

Ice cream makes an excellent party theme that can extend across favors, food, and decorations. When selecting favors that will fit the theme perfectly for your event, consider favors in ice cream-themed bags which could hold gift cards or sweet treats from local ice cream shops; alternatively, you could create DIY ice cream cone favors with treats inside as well as cute packaging such as these edible-to-the-last bite treats (from Wants and Wishes Design) with waffle cone cups filled with jelly beans featuring flavor profiles inspired by ice cream flavors as well as mini marshmallow ice cream cones topped off with cute thank-you tags for guests.

Install a DIY decorating station where guests can personalize cookies or cupcakes that they can either enjoy immediately or take home to enjoy later. Offer plenty of icing, sprinkles, and candy so everyone can design their custom frozen desserts!


Bubbles are an entertaining party that children love receiving, providing hours of amusement. Children can use a simple soap solution to create colorful bubbles or add food coloring for even more excitement! Detergent in the soap solution changes the surface tension of water, making it easier to create bubbles; other ingredients, like corn syrup or glycerin, can further improve quality.

At your bridal shower or wedding reception, give your guests these Personalized Gold Heart Bubble Tubes as a special keepsake. Each clear plastic tube features twin hearts topped with your personalized message and date on its label; display them throughout your venue or collect them all into one place for guests to take home as souvenirs.

Champagne Bubble Bottles make an elegant wedding favor. Crafted of clear plastic and capped with an elegant gold metallic stopper, these diamond-shaped bottles come pre-filled with bubble mixture. Your guests can take these bubbly favors home during their send-off or display them decoratively as party items on tables and shelves at your reception venue.

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