Vehicle Wraps – Get Your Brand Noticed in the Densely-Populated New York Area


Make your vehicle into a mobile billboard to generate business on the road. Wraps offer an effective alternative to paint that can easily be changed or removed when desired.

Modern car wraps differ significantly from their predecessors in that they’re painted to blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s original color, unlike the old-style stickers that stuck over it.

Full Wraps

Full wraps are ideal for large vehicles, providing ample room to display eye-catching graphics and information. Full wraps come in many different colors and finishes – glossy or matte; chrome, metallic, and carbon fiber wrap with three-dimensional grains you can feel are also options! Additionally, full wraps provide more durable protection from UV rays, minor scratches, and abrasions than traditional paint jobs would do on their own.

By wrapping your entire fleet, you create a moving billboard that exponentially increases your brand’s exposure on the road. A full wrap provides an efficient marketing solution with more per-thousand impression value than TV commercials, magazines, newspaper ads, or outdoor billboards – and makes your fleet look professional while building trust among customers and increasing business.

Small businesses and service providers that visit clients at their homes or offices, like cleaning services, plumbers, cable companies, electricians, and tutors, can use custom vehicle graphics to convey professionalism and gain customer trust. It can also be an effective option for companies without an office location – like delivery services and logistics providers.

Partial vehicle wraps offer an affordable advertising solution and can be designed to blend seamlessly into the look of your car or truck without negatively affecting its style. They’re also great for businesses that lease their vehicles, allowing you to change colors without breaching your leasing contract.

For businesses and service providers looking to make an impactful statement on the streets of New York, partial wraps offer significant branding exposure while remaining less visually impactful than full wraps. Also worth noting is that their design must match up perfectly with the base color of their vehicle; although complex, partial wraps remain an ideal way of making a powerful impression in New York.

Partial Wraps

Complete vehicle wraps encase your vehicle with graphics, lettering, and visual elements to showcase your company’s brand and products. They’re an effective solution for larger vehicles like box trucks, vans, and SUVs with larger surfaces to cover. Plus, full wraps help protect the paint against scratches, dents, weather damage, and fade over time for a more long-term investment than other forms of vehicle advertising.

Partial wraps deliver the exact impact of full wraps at an affordable cost and with less work. They can be applied to your vehicle’s hood, sides, trunk, roof, bumpers, or wing mirrors and allow you to incorporate its original hues into the design while seamlessly transitioning from wrap to paint surface for an eye-catching finish.

Wraps are an excellent way for companies looking to make an impression without completely covering every surface of their vehicle or who need a method of communicating with customers on the go. They can be combined with spot graphics, decals, vinyl letters, or window graphics.

Perforated window film can provide the perfect finishing touch to a wrap or partial wrap, including corporate information printed with perforation holes that won’t obstruct visibility for passengers or drivers. It can help publicize brand messages and images when driving in areas with strict signage regulations.

No budget to afford a wrap? No worries; we can still help get your business noticed with high-quality vinyl graphics that adhere to specific parts of your vehicle. These easy-to-remove and replace vehicle advertising options make them ideal for those using their cars for business or needing to change promotional materials quickly. They’re perfect for limited-time promotions, seasonal offers, or your company logo and contact information; let us help you find the ideal solution to meet your goals!


Turn your car into a money-generating mobile billboard with vehicle wraps. This form of advertising is a great way to get your brand noticed in the densely-populated New York area. It is also an affordable alternative to traditional advertising. You can choose between different levels of coverage based on your business needs and personal preferences.

The company designs, produces, and installs custom wraps for cars, trucks, buses, vans, food trucks, and fleets. It provides full-body wraps, window decals, and vinyl lettering. Its services are available at locations across the country and include design, printing, installation, and delivery. In addition, it offers a variety of vinyl colors and materials for its products. The company’s clients include aerospace, defense, oil and gas, consumer and industrial, automotive, and medical industries.

Manufacturer of magnets, including ceramic & alnico magnets in shapes such as rings, discs & rods, neodymium iron boron & shaped field, flexible, injection molded & electromagnets, and metal cores. Magnets are used in electric motors, jet and commercial aircraft, pump couplings, batteries, solar panels & traveling wave tubes. Testing, engineering, designing, prototyping, calibration, turnkey, and fabrication services are also offered. The company serves aerospace, aviation, oil & gas, consumer and industrial, energy storage, automotive, and advertising industries.

Car wraps are a popular way to customize and protect vehicles. These wraps can be printed with a design or message and are available in various colors. They are also easy to care for and resist most elements that damage a paint job. They can be hosed off, and minor scratches can often be repaired with heat guns.

The company offers various custom wrapping options for all types of vehicles, including full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps, and rear window graphics. They can be combined with other features, such as perforated window films and custom pin-striping to enhance the look of your vehicle. They can also be removed without damaging the original paint job. The wraps can be designed to match your corporate branding, personal style, and vehicle color.

Perforated Window Films

Window films offer the ideal way to brand your vehicle without resorting to full wraps, offering privacy and visibility while still displaying your brand. Plus, they make for an excellent complement to partial wraps you may already have on your car.

Perforated window film is a transparent vinyl material with small holes throughout, allowing light to pass through from inside and outside, providing privacy to customers and staff alike. Graphics or text can be printed onto both sides of the film for viewing from the inside, while from the outside, it appears like a graphic on glass, providing visual privacy to customers and staff.

Perforated window films offer numerous advantages for any vehicle. They provide privacy for clients while deterring vandalism and theft – not to mention offering an effective means of advertising your brand on busy roads! Not to mention being easy and cost-effective solutions for promoting business on the move!

Perforated window film can be one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing your company and building brand awareness. Unlike traditional window graphics that range in opacity levels, perforated window film features millions of micro-perforations that create a one-way vision – it looks solid from within, but from outside, it’s virtually undetectable.

Window film is an excellent option for commercial buildings and retail storefronts, offering easy installation and removal from windows and glass doors with its air-release adhesive backing. Furthermore, backlit films add another dimension to any space at nighttime!

Grimco is proud to provide perforated window film and large format window signs to businesses across the United States, including several in metro New York City. Our national network of installation teams ensures we deliver top-quality 3M window films on time and within budget for various business uses.