VTech Spin and Learn Ball Tower


VTech is an industry leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning toys for children of all ages and developmental stages. Their innovative, high-quality toys entertain kids while helping develop essential skills like learning, music appreciation, and motor development.

Drop colorful balls into the tower, and it will identify their color or animal while providing fun sounds and songs! Young children can practice motor skills by manipulating gates to start and stop the balls as they travel down their tracks.

Motor Skills

VTech(r) is a global leader in providing age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products that enrich children’s lives. Their award-winning infant and preschool toys, Learning Lodge apps, and expert opinions for new product introductions are curated by an esteemed Expert Panel consisting of experts in reading, language arts, science, and math – helping shape product introductions and Learning Lodge content development.

In this episode of Show and Tell Toys, I review the adorable VTech Spin and Learn Ball Tower for infants and toddlers aged nine months – 3 years. This interactive toy teaches colors, numbers, motor skills, and more!

This baby toy recognizes and spins around each ball deposited into its clear dome to play fun sounds and counting sounds while building motor skills with its gate buttons, which start and stop the balls on their tower track as they spiral down it. Four light-up buttons introduce numbers, shapes, insects, and playful songs! A fantastic toy that can provide endless hours of enjoyment!


As your child develops, milestones are an invaluable way to measure his or her growth and development. From first words and steps into preschool to birthdays and graduation, VTech offers toys to celebrate every victory!

With the Spin & Learn Ball Tower, children can drop colored balls into its clear dome at the top and watch them bounce around. Motor skills development is promoted through moving gates that start and stop the balls while four light-up buttons present colors, numbers, insects, and songs – perfect for infant toy playtime!

There is such an incredible array of toys that help children learn! I find great joy in seeing how they benefit my son in meeting various learning objectives such as colors, numbers and motor skills development.


Insects play an essential role in every environment. They pollinate flowering plants, provide sustenance to insectivorous animals, and help decompose dead plant and animal matter. However, there are various species of insects, most possessing similar essential physical traits.

Bugs possess three pairs of legs, an exoskeleton to protect their soft insides, a head region with mouthparts, eyes, and antennae, and flight or jumping capabilities. Furthermore, most insects can fly or jump.

Encourage children to observe insects closely, such as bees that make honey or silkworm moths that spin silk, bees, butterflies that pollinate flowers, praying mantises that devour harmful bugs, etc. Have them draw pictures or write reports detailing their findings while researching any exciting facts they discover about insects – the more knowledge children gain about insects, the more significant their appreciation will become of their importance in our ecosystems!