Water Slide Rentals Near Me


Nothing is quite as refreshing and enjoyable as zipping down a water slide on a scorching summer day – but make sure you know how to use one safely!

Water slides can be found for rent from local party rental companies. When selecting the waterslide you want, consider its size, location, and dimensions before choosing a model that meets them all.

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Blowup water slides can add an unforgettable element to any party or special event, delighting children of all ages. But before renting one of these inflatables, it is essential to assess its cost and safety; plus, ensure it has access to water and electricity connections before setting it up in your yard or elsewhere.

When renting a water slide in New York, it’s essential to find one that meets your budget and space requirements. There are various rental companies to choose from; just be sure to read reviews before making your selection – the more reputable a company is, the higher the chance of receiving an excellent quality water slide safe for all involved!

Water slides are ideal for summer parties, school carnivals, and other outdoor events. Many businesses provide rentals of inflatable water slides – both large and small- perfect for these types of occasions – including bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses, with some even offering unique additions like dunk tanks that add an exciting element.

Before renting a water slide, ensure the area where it will be situated has a steady source of electricity and water. If possible, try to have the site prepared the day prior – mow the lawn, clear away debris that could harm equipment, and remove furnishings that might block its path – this will make setup much quicker and simpler!

Keep this in mind when renting a water slide: clear rules must be put in place in order to prevent injuries and ensure all guests enjoy themselves. Furthermore, an adult should always supervise its use if children are using it.

Water slides add excitement and fun to any celebration, but improper maintenance could put them at risk. You must hire a company known for safety and quality and follow all manufacturer instructions.


Water slides offer a fun way to cool off and have some lighthearted summer fun on hot summer days, providing hours of excitement for both children and adults. Renting one may make an excellent addition to birthday parties or special events; ensure that when renting, safety precautions are followed so guests have a positive and enjoyable experience!

To help find the right water slide rental for your event, consult friends and family for recommendations. Many party rental companies also feature testimonials on their websites so you can see what other customers have said about their services – while these testimonials may not always accurately depict quality products and customer service offered by party rental providers.

When renting a water slide, always hire an insured and licensed company to protect yourself from liability in case an accident happens while using it. Also, make sure that they inspect their equipment regularly to make sure it stays working smoothly.

As well as being licensed and insured, reputable water slide rentals should provide all necessary safety equipment, including life vests for every rider. They should also offer instructions on operating it safely before providing written rental terms and conditions agreements for every rental contract signed.

Before renting a water slide, research local regulations regarding their usage. Some states limit how many people can fit per slide, while others mandate everyone always wear a life vest. Determining whether your state requires an attendant for this event is also wise.

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Organizers planning summer parties or family gatherings may benefit from renting an inflatable water slide. Not only are these slides enjoyable for everyone involved, but they also add an exciting element to any outdoor group! However, before renting one, it’s essential to remember a few key points.

One of the critical factors when selecting a water slide is size. Your selection will dictate how much space is required to set it up; there is a range of sizes to choose from, and always check the area’s dimensions before making your selection – this will prevent any surprises on event day!

Remember that inflatable water slides require electricity and water sources for proper functioning, so ensure you can access both. If neither is available, renting another type of inflatable may be your best bet.

Inflatable water slides come in all shapes and sizes, making finding one to suit your party theme and needs easy. There are even combo units that combine bounce house fun with water slide thrills for hours of sliding fun for your guests!

Are you planning a tropical-themed party? Consider renting the 24-foot Hawaiian Water Slide. This impressive inflatable slide will leave your guests feeling like they’ve traveled to paradise! Ideal for birthday parties, family barbecues, and other enjoyable events!

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There are various inflatable water slides available for rental. Both wet and dry slides offer hours of entertainment for children and adults. Inflatable slides are easy to set up and require minimal maintenance costs, making them great for birthday parties, community gatherings, and school field trips and an ideal way to keep cool during hot summer days!

The cost of renting an inflatable water slide depends on its size and type. Moon bounce houses, for instance, usually range from $100 to $250 per rental and feature one jumping area enclosed by see-through mesh walls; larger versions with the ability to accommodate more children may cost up to $600 for the day – don’t forget about costs related to renting a generator should one be necessary!

Inflatable water slides require both a constant water supply and electricity for proper operation, so it’s crucial that there is access to both when selecting a location for it. A hose should also be nearby to connect directly with power outlets if your area does not provide easy access. You could also consider renting or borrowing a generator in case there are too few freshwater sources nearby.

Combo bouncy castles combine a standard bouncy house and an inflatable water slide for fun and space savings. Perfect for tighter spaces or cooler months when used as a regular bouncy house during cooler weather months, they come in various themes, including pirate adventure or princess fantasy!

Bloop water slides make an excellent addition to corporate events, church picnics, and community gatherings. Their presence adds an exciting element of fun that boosts employee morale as they build team-building events involving them and strengthen bonds among existing employees, as well as being used as an effective icebreaker for new hires and strengthening bonds between current ones. They also make great additions for school field days or teacher appreciation events.