What Is a Terp Slurper?


Terp slurpers are the newest banger technology. They enable you to experience subtle aromas while still preserving essential terpenes. Furthermore, they operate at lower temperatures than regular bangers. What do you consider about terp slurper?

A terp slurper features a centrally located cylindrical section with holes at its base and an attached dish to which this cylinder connects.


For maximum vapor potency, it’s crucial to use a terp slurper made from high-grade materials. Many dabbers prefer quartz models as they’re easy to keep clean without adversely altering the flavor profiles of vaporized plants. Ceramic and glass options may also be available but tend to be less durable.

When using a terp slurper, it’s essential to be mindful of how much you consume. Since this type of banger features a dish-shaped bottom, only load a small dose that fits onto a dab nail to avoid overdoing it if you are new to dabbing. This will prevent accidental overdose.

Once your slurper is full, mount it on your dab rig and heat the dish at the bottom with a torch until an even heat distribution can be maintained. Make sure that no bubbles appear on its surface before placing your concentrate onto the dish to warm it.

Once the concentrate has reached an appropriate temperature, begin inhaling. As soon as it passes through the cylinder – acting like a chimney – begin inhaling again to allow your vapor to travel through and collect into its complete flavor profile without wasted hits being wasted on flavorless hits. Slurping also helps minimize the release of Benzene that occurs when heating cannabis above 350 degrees.


A terp slurper is an innovative style of bucket banger designed to reduce waste and enhance flavor in concentrates. Adding one to any dab rig can help minimize wasting material while improving the flavor profiles of concentrates. It resembles the standard bucket banger but features an additional tube leading down from it with slits that create vacuum pressure that percolates shatter, wax, or resin continuously percolate through. This allows it to move up the walls of the cylinder instead of staying on top, creating an efficient vaporization process without waste!

Before using a terp slurper, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Unlike quartz bangers, which can be quickly and easily wiped down, terp slurpers have multiple parts that require meticulous upkeep and regular inspection. First, remove pearls and marbles from the bottom dish of the terp slurper before submerging it in isopropyl alcohol or another cleansing solution once it has cooled.

Once your slurper has been thoroughly cleaned, you can add your chosen concentrates to the dish and inhale. Airflow should travel through both the banger and the bottom dish, so it is recommended to heat all parts for 30-60 seconds prior to adding your cap. Using a temperature gun or dab rite is recommended to ensure an even heating of all parts.


One of the many significant aspects of terp slurpers is how easy they are to clean. A dab cloth or wipe should suffice, with larger models providing plenty of surface area to reach every nook and cranny easily, including tube, dish, and slit areas, as well as broad tip areas easily reachable via cotton swabs for thorough cleansing. Just be mindful not to overheat, as this could cause irreparable damage!

Clean your rig after every session for optimal performance and to extend its lifespan – especially since quartz terps tend to be more fragile than glass or ceramic bangers. Doing this also prevents it from “chasing” when quartz begins to crack or fracture due to overheating.

To properly clean a terp slurper, it’s necessary to carefully unwrap its marbles and pearls once it has cooled off enough for handling, taking special care not to damage or break any pearls. Once complete, place these in isopropyl alcohol to soak for a few minutes before being washed out with warm water for final washing and rinsed of any residue left by this process – leaving behind your shiny new terp slurper that can then be put back in service again!


A Terp Slurper Marble Set is an advanced dabbing tool that enables high-efficiency vapor production with optimal airflow and flavor enhancement. The marble cap optimizes airflow while adding flavor—ideal for advanced dabbing enthusiasts! In addition, its carb cap traps vapor, creating a more controlled dabbing experience. To maintain its effectiveness, it should be cleaned after every use to maintain optimal results.

A terp slurper comprises three parts: a banger, a dish, and a terp pearl or marble cap. The banger is composed of quartz to absorb heat generated from the dish while holding onto the rest of the slurper. It features an inner cylinder with small holes on either end with which a dish connects. Additionally, there’s a marble cap positioned within this central cylinder and connected directly to its carb cap for optimal airflow and flavor optimization.

For an effortless experience when using a terp slurper, insert the desired number of terp pearls or marbles into the banger and heat with a torch until the desired temperature has been achieved. Place concentrate into the dish and cap it off with marble/cap; inhale through the slits/holes until you are enjoying your favorite concentrate!