The Benefits of a Reclaim Catcher


Reclaim catchers are simple accessories that help make maintaining a dab rig less of a chore by keeping sticky resin from coating your banger and clogging the percolator. What do you need to consider about reclaim catcher

Some reclaim catchers resemble standard ash catchers in appearance and attachment method, while others come equipped with advanced inner tubing technology. Furthermore, more and more bangers now include their built-in reclaim catchers!
Easy to Use

Add a Reclaim Catcher to Your Dabbing Rig

Reclaim catchers attach between your rig or bubbler’s joint and banger, providing a catchall for an unvaporized concentrate that you take a dab from. As it passes through your nail, some will vaporize before coming into contact with unvaporized material that falls into its dish at the base of a reclaim catcher—often made of high-quality glass so as to last as long and break less frequently than its competitors.

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable accessory for any dabbing enthusiast. Simple to use and clean, these devices allow you to save money by repurposing leftover wax from J’s or bowls into additional concentrates that you use later. Depending on the quality of your concentrates, this can be an efficient way of stretching out your stash and getting more bang for your buck! Adding one of these devices can make the dabbing experience more pleasurable and simple!

Easy to Clean

Reclaim catchers are an invaluable way of maintaining the cleanliness of your dab rig and prolonging its useful life, especially for meticulous dabbing enthusiasts or occasional users of high-quality wax. Reclaiming them prevents large sticky globs of residue from getting trapped inside your banger, which could otherwise clog and disrupt your dabbing session.

Reclaim catchers are quick and straightforward to install and maintain, providing fast recovery after each dabbing session. They work equally well with quartz bangers as regular glass dab nails or silicone carb caps/inserts; plus, there’s an array of sizes to fit any dab rig or water pipe!

An easy and quick way to use a reclaim catcher is attaching it to the joint of your rig or bubbler and dropping dab onto its silicone dish at the bottom. Your reclaim catcher will catch any leftover residue from dabbing, which can save money when used later in your vaporizer. Not only that, but it can also be reused in multiple sessions without needing new concentration! Made from food-grade silicone, it withstands high temperatures while remaining easy to maintain for cleaning after each use – an indispensable accessory for anyone who loves dabbing!

Keeps Your Rig Cleaner For Longer

Reclaim catchers make cleaning your dab rig much simpler and quicker. By collecting any extra oil that might otherwise coat it and making it easily removable, you’ll be able to keep your dab rig cleaner between cleaning sessions easily.

Reclaim catchers for dab rigs work similarly to bongs in terms of collecting excess oil, though they’re more commonly made out of silicone tubes with an internal collection receptacle for oil residue. Some drop-down attachment styles make them even easier for users without much additional effort!

Reclaim catchers are highly beneficial for avoiding sticky globules that build up in your banger and make taking hits difficult. Reclaim catchers help stop those unsightly, difficult-to-clean globs from reaching the top of your banger, where they become unsightly, difficult-to-clear, and may eventually clog or even stop functioning altogether. Reclaim catchers make great additions to any dab rig; more and more are being sold with one built in. To get the most from it, always have ISO or grain alcohol close at hand when cleaning it as necessary.

Saves You Money

Utilizing a reclaim catcher allows excess oil and wax that might otherwise build up in your rig to be captured in its detachable cup, thus reducing buildup, making cleaning sessions more straightforward, and keeping your rig cleaner for longer.

Reclaim catchers can be constructed from glass, silicone, or any combination thereof. When attached to the bottom of a water pipe or dab rig and situated between nail or banger, hot burning concentrate vapor rises through the reclaim catcher to form sticky pockets on either side that collect it before dropping it back down into the cup below for collection and reuse. Reclaimed concentrate might not taste or feel quite the same but remains valid and valuable in different ways than initially vaporized concentrate can.

Reclaimed concentrate can be an economical and environmentally friendly way to extend the supply of your favorite dabs, from edibles and joints to capsules with coconut or olive oil. It helps you stretch them further than before and save on cleaning and maintenance costs since old catchers can be recycled into something useful!

Although some dabbers may think reclaim catchers aren’t essential, investing in one is definitely worthwhile. Not only will it help keep your rig clean, but it will also save money on concentration by minimizing waste and lengthening its lifespan.