Why You Should Choose Local Asphalt Contractors


Experience is vital when selecting an asphalt contractor. Solid relationships with suppliers are also crucial to obtaining high-quality materials at competitive rates. Select the best Asphalt Contractors.

Before hiring an asphalt company, ask for their references and contact them. This will enable you to assess their quality of work more accurately.


Selecting an asphalt contractor for your asphalt project can make or break your experience. A trusted provider should educate and inform you throughout the process to assist with making informed decisions and meet any legal requirements that may apply. Local contractors tend to have more knowledge of local weather and soil conditions that might influence paving jobs than their counterparts from out of state.

Professional paving contractors possess industry knowledge and access to high-grade materials unavailable to DIY enthusiasts, providing advice on which solutions work best for various projects and environmental concerns. Furthermore, these contractors are licensed and insured, demonstrating their dedication to their industry while upholding all laws.

When comparing quotes, pay careful attention to each detail. Ask about specific brands and types of materials being used, as well as quantities for each. Request references and drive by past projects they have completed so you can see examples of their work.

Paving contractors often depend on project-based revenue to remain financially sustainable, which makes them vulnerable to seasonal downturns and slowdowns. Experienced paving contractors have learned to supplement their income with additional services, such as crack sealing and pothole repairs, to help guarantee they’ll always be around when their clients need them.


Asphalt contractors provide various warranties to help customers make informed decisions for their projects. These warranties cover materials, workmanship, and any potential concerns. Some even include maintenance agreements lasting 20 years! When writing the warranty specifications, it must include clear descriptions of which work is being covered, including mainline pavement being warranted, as well as any auxiliary lanes, shoulders, or any other items covered. Likewise, the warranty needs to include information regarding construction activities and when work finishes and is completed.

Warranty efforts aim to allow contractors as much freedom as possible while guaranteeing a high-quality product. For example, contractors can select their own materials, mix designs, quality management programs, and inspection procedures. However, certain necessary restrictions exist that limit contractors’ liability.

Initial indications indicate that WisDOT’s cost estimates on warranty projects are lower and that their quality and ride are superior to conventionally bid pavements. Furthermore, evidence exists to support that this process has fostered innovation among contractors and improved construction practices, yet its concept has not eliminated all risks to the Department. Designers must be mindful of these costs when estimating project delivery costs.

BBB accreditation

BBB has determined that this business meets BBB accreditation standards, including making reasonable faith efforts to resolve consumer complaints. Businesses meeting these criteria are eligible for a public BBB Business Profile, which contains accurate information as to their products and services; as soon as any changes occur, they are asked to affirm its accuracy as soon as they become known and promptly update it as appropriate. In addition, businesses must honestly represent themselves to customers before purchasing anything, provide any material facts that might influence buying decisions, and honor contract agreements and commitments as promised while taking reasonable actions against disputes brought up by BBB.

Businesses failing to meet BBB accreditation standards cannot use its logo or service marks.

Owning their equipment

On any property improvement job involving asphalt work, including driveway paving or parking lot repaving, a permit, and local regulations must be obtained and met in order to be legal. An experienced contractor should understand these legalities, making sure your new pavement meets all required standards so it will last and meet the code when completed.

One key component of any paving project is ensuring the asphalt is compacted properly and thoroughly. A professional paving company will use appropriate equipment and methods to compact it properly so it will stand up against traffic and weather, lasting longer and withstanding any eventuality that might arise. A reliable contractor should also offer warranties so you can rest easy knowing they’ll be there should any issues arise that need addressing later on.

Experience and the ability to meet deadlines are two key criteria when selecting a paving company. Contractors with their own equipment tend to meet customer promises more reliably, especially those equipped with asphalt production plants, which allow them to customize mixtures for high-quality asphalt products.

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