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Your choice to automate Accounts Payable

Their Accounts Payable (AP) department consisted of 13 people processing the region of 180 000 invoices per year from companies across Europe. Invoices ought to be approved by 250 individuals by three offices in the UK, 13 depots and two manufacturers, and users in where you live now Europe.

Dealing with this amount in a manual operation seemed to be causing several problems. First, expenses processing was extremely paper-intensive; a considerable amount of time and effort seemed to be spent on data inputting, pursuing paper invoices and medical history.

It was often difficult to put invoices, and the AP workforce would waste time contacting this company’s users to trace invoices. That resulted in a lack of efficiency and a lack of control over the practice. There had also been restrictions on making some duplicate instalments.

The decision was made to computerize the invoice processing; to help streamline the department and also ultimately to be benchmarked as a possible exemplary AP process. The particular search began to find a solution that may meet their needs: integrate securely with their ERP solution, be sufficiently flexible to mirror their specific processes and be easy for the particular AP team to use.

“We chose to go with our ultimate supplier because we sensed they took the time to investigate our process, work together with us to design the most successful system and were able to demonstrate the seamless integration with this ERP system and had an effective workflow solution. “

How an AP department has been robotic

Paper invoices entering the particular AP department are now sought into the IMS (Invoice Supervision Solution) system. Using Robotic Data Capture technologies, the header information, such as invoice overall, supplier name, etc., will be automatically read from the expenses. The integration between IMS and the ERP then enables that data to be populated to register the invoice inside the financial system, with minimal regular data entry required.

If IMS does not recognize the owner, the workflow automatically sends that as a query to the small business user, who can then determine whether this is a new dealer to be set up in the ERP or is just a one-off dealer. The integration between IMS and the ERP triggers the formation of the appropriate vendor. That ensures that delays are not including unknown vendors and quickens the process of adding new distributors to the finance system.

Intelligent pre matching: Invoices that happen to be associated with a Purchase Order (PO) now are matched in the ERP with a tolerance. Any invoices that fail to reach the particular PO successfully are automatically sent to the procurer using work for resolution using IMS.

Non-PO related invoices must be coded and approved by the first procurer. Previously this was a manual process, with every invoice being posted by way of the internal mail from AP to the individual who codes the particular invoice, then returned to be able to AP, then sent out for the procurer of the goods to be able to authorize This process was not simply time-consuming but fraught together with errors and the risk of debts getting lost.

IMS allows each invoice to be coded and authorized by an accurate individual. Some invoices usually are automatically sent by IMS, and an AP clerk routes others. If the technique is not entirely confident in this selection, the AP person will initiate the circulation of the invoice to the assurer for authorization. If they are deprived of the correct sign-off limit, IMS determines the appropriate individual to be able to forward it to right up until final approval is attained.

Once the data has been taken from an invoice, it has been efficiently matched to a PO or perhaps the business has approved it. It is automatically posted to the fund system for payment.

Built-in retrieval

Invoices can be recovered from IMS at any period. The full audit trail and history of the workflow ascertain exactly where each expense is in the process. It is also possible to help retrieve invoices directly from all their ERP systems due to IMS integration. The full exam trial is vital as they must comply with Sarbanes Oxley legal guidelines. The IMS solution is accustomed to assisting in this compliance, with all the audit trails providing a full history of the lifecycle of every document.

One of the key strong points of the automated invoice control operation is the tight integration between their finance process and IMS. This is determined by a transfer of Provided Reference Data that happens every night, ensuring each process contains the most up-to-date information Elizabeth. g. PO numbers, GL codes and new distributors.

The outcome of automation

The new invoice processing solution features considerably automated the AP department, resulting in a rise in control over the process. Whole each month, the ERP process produces an AP Diary report that lists every one of the invoices with the small business users. It is expected that slicker and faster practice will lead to a considerable lowering of the number of items on this diary.

Another outcome is increased efficiency; the AP team can instantly find an account without wasting time chasing the organization’s users. In addition, with approximately seventy per cent of the invoices now corresponding to the PO immediately, many invoices only require scanning, and the process is entirely computerized.

This efficiency has instantly resulted in a reduction in the number of men and women required in the Accounts Payable department; before the system ended up being installed, the team consisted of tough luck people, and there have been deals in headcount, as the AP manager substantiates:

“The IMS system has increased efficiency in your Accounts Payable department for you to such an extent that about full implementation, we are ready to reduce our headcount by simply 4. “

An additional benefit of the solution is that IMS lowers the possibility of duplicates being paid out. The system includes validation which picks up possible copies and alerts the AP staff. This will reduce the estimated £80 000 per year that was in the past being spent on duplicate debts.

Summary of key positive aspects

  • Increased control
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in AP headcount by simply four people
  • Elimination involving manual data entry
  • Reducing lost invoices
  • Elimination involving duplicate invoices
  • Reduction in time spent locating and going after invoices.

Extending the solution

Seeing that the solution is fully executed, they are already looking at the subsequent steps. An obvious move is usually to capture invoices that form electronically, either as EDI or sent by simply email.

Although the data entrance problems may not exist with such invoices, they still should be approved in the same way as papers invoices so the workflow will be of benefit. IMS includes the Management Information module, and full reporting capabilities are also being investigated.

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