Analog & Digital UHF Two-Way Radio Kenwood NX-1300

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Kenwood’s ProTalk range of business and fundamentally safe two-way radios is sold by Radiotronics as an authorized reseller and recognized partner.

That means you can buy with confidence, knowing that Radiotronics has the knowledge and experience to produce a future-proof and purpose-built Kenwood two-way radio system.


NX-1300 Kenwood


Based on the popularity of the Kenwood TK-D340, the all-new Kenwood NX-1300 is an analog device with the possibility of DMR or NEXEDGE operation via a paid update. There are two models available: the basic model, which does not have a screen, and the advanced model, which does have a screen and a regular keypad.


Model Specifications


There are several Kenwood NX1300 models to choose from. You can choose between a digitally activated model and an analog-only to a digital variant in the future.

NX-1300AUK4 UHF 400-470 MHz 64 CH None Analog NX-1300AUK5 260 CH LCD & Standard Keypad NX-1300NUK4 64 CH None NXDN/Analog NX-1300NUK5 260 CH LCD & Standard Keypad NX-1300DUK4 64 CH None DMR/Analog NX-1300DUK5 260 CH LCD & Standard Keypad NX-1300DUK5 260 CH LCD

The BOLD letter denotes A=Analog Only (Digital Capable through Paid Software Upgrade), N=NEXEDGE enabled, D=DMR Activated.


Options for Batteries


The Kenwood NX-1300 comes with two battery choices. You should pick, determined by your working environment and the features you want from your two-way radio. The Kenwood KNB-45L 2000mAh lithium battery, for example, comes standard with the NX-1200. The 2000mAh capacity of the KNB-45L ensures at least 8 hours of regular use (meaning 5 percent transmit, 5 percent receive, and 90 percent standby). It to last a whole working day, which is usually 8 hours or fewer.

If your company works long shifts, the Kenwood KNB-69L’s 2400mAh capacity can provide up to 12 hours of use between recharge cycles. The KNB-69L is suitable for working long hours.

Finally, if your company is open 24 hours a day, we recommend purchasing additional batteries. It so that it can always charge one battery while another is in use.

When you place your purchase, you may choose the battery you require. When you buy extra batteries with your radio, we give you a discount. For further information, please get in touch with our staff.


Charger Alternatives


The Kenwood NX-1200 has three charging choices. The most evident difference is that it comes with a single charger and a US power supply when this radio is selected if all you need is a primary battery charger.


But what about six-way chargers?


A platform for Charging (Create Your Own): Kenwood features an innovative KMB-28 charging platform if you choose to receive a single charger with the radio. You attach all of your, generally included, KSC-35 pods to this platform by putting your power adapters to one side. Plugin the secure bar, and you’ve got yourself a 6-way charger.

Dedicated 6-Way Charger: A 6-position charger. Kenwood’s professional-grade 6-way charger with power conditioning and wall mounting functionality is the KSC-356. If you choose a Kenwood KSC-356, you won’t need the single charging pods generally supplied. Please get in touch with us as we may be able to provide the Kenwood NX-1200 without charging pods at a reduced price.


Earrings & Accessories


Wonderful news! The Kenwood NX-1200 uses the same 2-pin Kenwood accessory connection as the majority of Kenwood radios. That implies that audio devices like earpieces and microphones are easy to get and maybe relatively affordable.


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