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Brave browser is a popular open-source and free browser. In 2016 it was released. Brave privacy browser was created by Brendan Rich, the co-founder of the Mozilla project and creator of JavaScript. Brave browser gains much more popular than others. It is a completely free browser that allows you to browse; you can able to see the online content, you can run the web apps as well. Brave browser remembers the site authentication information too.


It is one of the fastest browsers that I have ever used. I use it this year. The exciting thing is you can use it on any operating system. Use it on both desktop and mobile. You can load any website much faster, but the memory usage is below than others. It provides less strain on your device battery life. In the age of the internet, you will get thousands of software and applications, which are very useful.

But I can assure you a brave privacy browser is the best among all; it is on top of the list. To be very honest, it is hard to find a good browser at this point. Because almost every user is using Chrome, it’s retro and very perfect for everyone. People get comfortable with it. But like me, many people want a change. I am sure you, too, want a change. For this reason, I chose the newcomer Brave browser and replaced the chrome browser. You can also give a try. I am sure you will like it.




  • Script Blocker
  • Ad Blocker
  • No Free VPN
  • Upgrades to HTTPS
  • Cookie Blocker
  • Tracker Blocker
  • Multiple Profile
  • No Snapshot
  • Chrome extensions support
  • User and Developer rewards
  • Cross-site device recognition
  • No Accessibility to other platforms (within the browser)
  • Direct redemption of rewards to Crypto Wallet or bank account



Pros and cons of brave privacy browser


In my opinion, I have put together some pros and cons of the brave privacy browser. So, you will get a quick idea of it and also can understand this a bit better. So let’s get started,




  • Extensions compatible with chrome store brave privacy browser
  • The browser is highly secure
  • Customize it frequently
  • UI pleasing
  • Multiple profiles
  • You can earn rewards while browsing it
  • Highly secure




  • You cannot use the mic
  • Some of the extensions are not compatible
  • Brave shield break few websites
  • The sync is dis-functional


I use brave privacy browser now as my daily browser. I recommended it to my friends too. I wanna tell you some basic facts which I observe. The best thing about this browser is the radical approaches towards ads. When you search for the review, you will find that in many articles, it has stated that a brave browser replaces the in-page ads with their own, which is totally wrong. I tell you about my experiences.

It is very aggressive and blocker. The adblocking is faster and sooner, and also more thoroughly. If you ask me, Brave does not replace any with anything. It just leaves them out. It won’t touch your browser page; rather, it will show you the brief size of the ad in your notification window. It will come as pop-ups on the browser. You can dismiss it by just one click.



Overall all I can say is brave privacy browser is one of the best ones in the market these days. If you ask me, I will suggest going for it. I am sure you are gonna like this one. Cause it’s better to try new things always.

1. Is a brave privacy browser is safe?

Of course, yes. Its private browsing mode is the best one.

2. Who develops the brave browser?

This open-source browser is developed by brave software inc.

3. Does is remove ads?

Yes, just by one click, you can dismiss the ads.

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