Buccal Fat Before and After


Buccal fat removal can help achieve slimmer facial contours for those wanting a thinner appearance. The procedure entails extracting buccal fat pads from the cheeks, which give your face an oval-shaped profile. The Interesting Info about تخلیه بوکال فت.

As people age, their fat decreases, while for others, it remains constant in size. If larger buccal fat pads exist, they may contribute to jowls or lower facial sagging.

1. You Look Younger

TikTok and Instagram influencers are increasingly posting photos to promote buccal fat removal through TikTok and Instagram influencer campaigns, but the procedure might not be as harmless as lip fillers or Brazilian butt lift. First and foremost, buccal fat removal cannot be reversed once completed.

This procedure removes buccal fat pads (pronounced buckle) located between the lower cheek and jaw area to create a slimmer face and a more defined jawline for an improved facial aesthetic.

However, some beauty experts argue that buccal fat removal is unobtainable by beauty standards. They note that a high-cheekbone aesthetic is difficult to attain through makeup alone and that people with rounder faces should embrace rather than try to suppress their features.

When seeking buccal fat removal, they must choose an experienced surgeon. An expert plastic surgeon can help them achieve the look they desire while guaranteeing both their safety and well-being during this process.

2. You Look More Sculpted

Buccal fat removal (commonly known as buccal lipectomy) is an elective facial plastic surgery procedure designed to make your face appear slimmer by surgically extracting pads of fat from beneath the lower cheekbones and jawline. The procedure narrows your bottom half while emphasizing your cheekbones and jawline.

Although having fuller cheeks is entirely natural, some individuals desire more sculpted cheeks. While contouring and filler can temporarily enhance them, buccal fat removal offers permanent results without risks or complications.

Social media influencers have brought this cosmetic procedure back into the limelight by sharing before-and-after photos on social media, but it’s essential to research and select an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon or ENT doctor specializing in facial plastic surgery for this procedure. Dr. Kofi Boahene advises not visiting a medical spa or “run-of-the-mill doctor” as it requires highly specialized surgery skills.

After buccal fat removal, you must allow for some downtime as the incisions heal. Be sure to stock up on soft and liquid foods so you have energy while recovering from surgery.

3. You Feel More Self-Assured

As society often associates beauty with slim and toned features, excess cheek fat can leave people feeling self-conscious. Buccal fat removal is a non-invasive, safe cosmetic procedure that can help people gain more self-assurance in their appearance.

This procedure entails extracting buccal fat pads located at the lower portion of the cheeks. It’s a quick and straightforward surgery with long-term results, making this an attractive solution for patients seeking to slim their cheeks without going under surgery or another method.

After surgery, it’s pretty standard to experience tenderness or swelling in the area that was treated, which can easily be managed with prescription painkillers. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to abide by any post-op care guidelines provided by your surgeon; this usually includes eating soft foods and taking in plenty of fluids.

Interested in buccal fat removal? Reach out to our office and schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced with performing this procedure.

4. You Feel More Comfortable

Buccal fat removal is generally quick and minimally invasive compared to many cosmetic procedures, with most patients returning to daily activities within a few days after treatment has finished. Although mild discomfort is normal after this procedure, most patients can resume everyday life within several weeks, at which time most will feel ready to resume regular schedules again.

This procedure is ideal for individuals seeking a natural-looking transformation. It’s an excellent solution for people with full cheeks or face volume who wish to achieve slimmer and more sculpted features or younger individuals experiencing puffy cheeks due to aging.

Before beginning this procedure, it is advisable to schedule an initial consultation with a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon to make sure that your anatomy meets requirements and that your desired results can be reached. Feel free to reach out to our office and book a visit with one of our team of dedicated professionals now – we look forward to meeting you!

5. You Have More Confidence

Buccal fat removal (commonly referred to as cheek reduction) is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the lower portion of your face by eliminating extra fat deposits and revealing slim, defined cheekbones. It’s particularly effective for those who dislike their baby-face effect, which makes them appear older than they actually are.

Under local anesthesia and sedation, this painless procedure takes place in two steps. First, incisions are made inside each cheek to expose buccal fat pads before being removed using a unique technique. When the swelling subsides, virtually undetectable incisions remain. Though results are permanent, weight gain could reverse them.

Selecting the ideal surgeon is critical to ensuring optimal results. They should be board-certified, possess extensive experience performing this type of procedure, and offer online reviews or testimonials that provide insight into their aesthetic style and ability to achieve their desired facial shape. A quality surgeon should listen closely to your concerns while taking into account long-term goals to create a balanced appearance that will stand the test of time.

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