Plumbing Supply Aurora Il


Plumbing Supply Aurora Il offers an impressive selection of plumbing products for home improvement projects. Their product specialists can assist in finding kitchen and bath fixtures to match your design and budget; additionally, they have an impressive collection of home decor and design items available that can help create the home of your dreams.

WM. F. Meyer Co.

Wm F Meyer Co is a family-owned wholesale plumbing supply company located in Chicago that specializes in serving both residential and commercial customers alike. Renowned for its selection of quality brands and dedicated showroom specialists who can assist customers in planning kitchen and bath projects, Wm F Meyer is also famous among plumbers, contractors, and builders as they need various supplies and accessories for their projects.

WM F Meyer operates out of multiple locations throughout Chicagoland, including Aurora, Glen Ellyn, and Chicago. Each location features an Aquae Sulis Showroom, as it is an Official ThermaSol Distributor and stocks Kohler Commercial products for healthcare, hospitality, and education projects.

Nicholas A. Hermes claimed to be both legal and equitable owner of 20% of the stock of WM F Meyer Company, an Illinois corporation (from now on “the Corporation”). On June 17, 1977, Hermes brought suit against Melvin W. Meyer, Gretchen Kieso, and William J. Meyer for accounting and other relief.

On August 6, 1977, Zalmon Goldsmith wrote to Lamont to inform him of their willingness to permit Lamont to examine the corporate books. On the following day, Lamont and a certified public accountant conducted the audit in conjunction with Meyer, who, by means of an office document, transferred the legal title of stock ownership over to Aurora National Bank and himself while maintaining beneficial interest.

Ferguson Plumbing Supply

Ferguson Supply Company has been a wholesale distributor of plumbing, HVAC, waterworks, fire protection, and facility supplies since 1953. Operating out of North American locations since then, their products primarily target professional plumbers, contractors, and businesses that install plumbing fixtures. Furthermore, home improvement stores often rely on them as suppliers. Their corporate headquarters can be found in Newport News, Virginia.

Ferguson provides its customers with an array of services, such as ordering, inventory management, credit, marketing, and customer service. Furthermore, the company operates several specialty departments that serve specific industries or market segments; examples include Ferguson Geotextiles and Kitchen Art Mission Pipe, among many more. Furthermore, Ferguson also offers online shopping via their website.

Additionally, the company boasts an expansive selection of bathroom, kitchen, and lighting products in its showrooms. Their product experts assist homeowners and builders alike with selecting the appropriate products for their projects – providing quality brands along with fresh ideas to make sure each project runs smoothly.

Ferguson offers all the resources necessary for the successful renovation and design of your dream home, whether that means major remodeling or custom building projects. Their experienced experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure the installation runs smoothly; plus, they are more than happy to answer any of your queries or provide answers!

Ultimate Plumbing Supply

Ultimate Plumbing Supply offers commercial parts and supplies for water systems. Specializing in pumps for drainage and distribution – such as sump, ejector, and circulator pumps – their team works closely with top manufacturers to deliver superior products at highly competitive prices. In addition, Ultimate offers eco-friendly technologies like water filtration/softener systems/backflow testing to make their offerings genuinely comprehensive.

Plumb It Best in Aurora provides both residential and commercial plumbing services, such as repairs, installations, and remodeling projects. Their team performs backflow inspections and tests, drain cleaning, and water heater installations, focusing on kitchen fixtures, garbage disposals, and showerhead installations throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area with License #055-042866 for installation services. As a family-owned and operated business, they incorporate honesty and integrity into every service they provide.


ILLCO is a wholesale distributor of refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing equipment and supplies. Established in 1929 as a consolidation between Divickey Brothers and ILCO Supply, their original headquarters were located at 530 South River Street in Aurora, Illinois. Early on, ILLCO focused primarily on plumbing and steam fitters’ supplies; as the company expanded, its offerings also encompassed HVAC/R products. ILLCO currently specializes in wholesale refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing supplies while also making selective moves into hydroponics. Their products can be found through branch locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, with their sales office located in Chicago – they specialize in industrial and commercial projects, and customers give high marks for both customer service and product quality.