Does wax Liquidizer work with shatter?

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Wax Liquidizer doesn’t work with shatter because it is a liquid. Liquidizers change the state of your wax to a drink while still maintaining its purity and potency. That means that it will not be any more potent, but you can mix it with other oils to make edibles.

Shatter is too high octane for normal liquidizers- their molecules are far apart and don’t easily mix. You could accidentally end up ingesting bits of the original dry plant material during infusion if you use a standard liquidizer on this type of material.

What is a wax Liquidizer, and how does it work

Wax pure Liquidizer is a liquid concentrate made specifically for use with wax concentrates. It is a non-toxic, food-grade product that can be used in any vape pen or e-cigarette.

To use Wax Liquidizer, you add it to your wax concentrate in the desired ratio (either 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1), and then heat it using your preferred method. It will create a liquid that can be vaped like any other e-liquid.

To use Wax Liquidizer, you need to put the wax into a container, add the liquid, and shake or stir until the wax has melted. You can then use it on any vape device.

Some people say that Wax Liquidizer tastes great and makes their vape device produce more vapour. Others say that it doesn’t taste very good and doesn’t work well with every type of wax. Overall, opinions seem to be mixed on this product.

Is Wax Liquidizer compatible with shatter or other concentrates?

Yes, Wax Liquidizer is compatible with shatter and other concentrates. It was specifically designed to be used with concentrates. Mix your chosen concentrate with the desired amount of Wax Liquidizer using a dropper, and then vape away! You’ll enjoy the delicious taste of your favourite concentrates without having to worry about any harmful solvents or chemicals.

Do you need a special vaporizer to use wax Liquidizer?

No, you don’t need a special vaporizer to use wax Liquidizer. Any standard vape pen or e-cigarette will work. Remove the cartridge and fill it with Liquidizer instead of wax or oil.

Liquidizer is a water-based liquid that turns waxes and oils into a smooth, smokeless vapour. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and contains no nicotine, tobacco, or PG/VG. It’s also gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

You can use any vape pen or e-cigarette that has a refillable tank. Just empty the e-liquid that’s already in the tank and replace it with Wax Liquidizer. You can even use a vape mod or an electronic pipe if you want.

Just be sure to follow the instructions for how much Wax Liquidizer to add since it’s not as concentrated as most vape juices. And start with just a few drops at first until you get used to the flavour and the amount of vapour it produces.

Why is Wax Liquidizer better than other oils for vaping 

The main benefit of using Wax Liquidizer is that it allows you to vape your concentrates in a device specifically designed for liquids, which offers a much better vaping experience than trying to vape concentrates in a device meant for dry herbs.

Wax Liquidizer is also made with ingredients that are food grade and safe to consume, whereas many other oils or liquids used for vaping are not. It means that Wax Liquidizer is a more health-conscious option, and it also eliminates the need to buy a separate device specifically for vaping concentrates.


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