Global CTB Review: Whether It Is Any Good Or Just A Fad?

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People are often misguided or deliberately ill-advised that Global CTB is an entry-level brokerage firm. However, the truth is quite to the contrary. Global CTB is actually in the business for a long time spreading over more than seven years. This Global CTB Review will describe why this misconception was created in the first place. Additionally, what is the status enjoyed by this brokerage in the market will be discussed.

Removing ‘Reality’ From The ‘Fad’

As this Global CTB Review will demonstrate, the word ‘fad’ means a trend that may or may not need a rationale for others to follow it. In the case of Global CTB, people often say that it is a fad because people are following it. After all, others are following. This is a propaganda campaign usually instigated by business rivals and competitors.

Hard facts, which cannot be molded, are that Global CTB is a crypto and traditional trading platform online. It is serving, if not millions, but thousands of customers in almost every part of the world. It has been operating thousands of trade accounts of online global traders for the past seven years or so. It allows its customers to access international crypto and traditional trading markets under one roof. It has professionals helping traders in their trading and resolving their technical and non-technical problems.

These are a few facts that prove that the online popularity of Global CTB is not a fad. The brokerage has earned its name because it served for the reasons highlighted soon.

Global CTB – A Worthy Rival WithImpeccable Reputation

It is easy for competitors to initiate a campaign to go above their rivals, but these campaigns fail automatically when the services are unparalleled. It took more than six years for Global CTB to establish its brand name and develop a stature of an acknowledged online brokerage firm. It focused primarily on trading cryptocurrencies at a time when nobody dared to go out of their comfort zones. In the case of Global CTB, however, the broker intentionally took this challenge and started its online trading business initially in crypto trading. Since then, it has been rendering top-notch crypto trading services as has been time and again acknowledged and appreciated by its global customers.

How Was the Difference Made?

When Global CTB stepped into the crypto trading business, there were hardly a few crypto brokerage firms. But for creating a difference, Global CTB focused on delivering world-class services by offering more and keeping less. This was done by winning traders’ trust and confidence and ensuring them each of their pennies was worth an investment. The firm created a difference in the market based on the following: –

1. Developing A User-Friendly Online Brokerage Firm

Instead of establishing a physical brokerage, Global CTB opted to go online to make the trading convenient for every human being in the world. Aimed with this humanitarian objective, the firm commenced its crypto trading feature by developing an online website. The website’s content is so informative and easygoing that navigating the website can be done by any person effortlessly. Above all, the website represents the objective of the business in the simplest way possible.

2. Customized Features

There is nothing better than allowing a trader to customize the features of a service provider according to the trader’s liking. Global CTB is allowing this option to every customer from day one. Whether a trader is a beginner level or experienced trade, he can choose an account depending on his specific needs. Currently, 6 trade accounts have been designed keeping in view the experience level of traders from beginner to expert traders. For instance, Bronze is the account that traders who are about to begin their careers as crypto traders should be availed. Then there is Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, and VIP accounts representing advanced trading skills and features.

3. Customer Service

The third strongest feature of Global CTB, which helped establish the brand name worldwide, is the broker’s customer service. There is no point in offering top-notch features when customer service is weak. Strategically, Global CTB has never compromised on this very crucial aspect because it helps build a business’s reputation. Qualified and experienced personnel were hired and handed over to serve the customers facing difficulties of any kind. This personnel is further educated to increase their skills of problem-solving etc.


A bare perusal of this review demonstrates that Global CTB is a future building online broker who is transforming beginners into advanced traders.

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