Great North Property Management Reviews


Excellent North Property Management is one of the best property management firms in Canada. Their location is ideal, their employees are highly qualified, and they are accredited. In addition, they have an average salary of more than the other companies in the area.


Excellent North Property Management is a professional property management company based in New Hampshire. It serves over 350 associations and manages over 22,000 units in New England. The firm is also affiliated with the National Association of REALTORS.

The firm has several offices across the state, including Boston, Wells, Newton, Nashua, and Bretton Woods. Their management team specializes in capital projects and the development of annual budgets. They also handle communications and conflict resolution.

Great North is also a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management, a trade association that awards AMO accreditation to real estate firms. As a member, the company must adhere to a code of ethics.

In addition to the usual offerings, the firm provides some notable perks. For example, its employees enjoy an average salary of $50,000. This is roughly $24 per hour, slightly less than the national average. Additionally, the company has one of the lowest client turnover rates in the industry.

Average Salary

The Great North Property Management Company has 125 employees. The most significant portion of the staff is White, with 47 percent being women. They have a turnover rate of five out of six employees looking for other jobs. Workers bring blankets in the winter.

They are also in need of small heaters. There is a lack of teamwork, as the controller is disrespectful. Their salaries average $43,460 per year.

Excellent North Property Management is a regional property management company. Some companies they compete with are Sudler Property Management, Davis Partners Incorporated, and Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services. Compared to other property managers, they have a high turnover rate. Also, they do not provide a source of heat, which is very important.

Most property, real estate, and community association managers are paid between $31,330 and $134,570. However, they can increase their salary through several factors. One is experience. Experience can be acquired through an advanced degree in finance, business administration, or real estate. Other factors include the size of the building.


Excellent North Property Management is one of New England’s largest condominium management firms. They offer a superior level of service. Their staff is trained on the latest industry standards and is committed to serving the communities they manage.

The Institute of Real Estate Management accredits the company. This is the same organization that awards AMO accreditation to firms that meet specific qualifications.

Great North also boasts a large team of dedicated professionals. With offices in Boston, Manchester, Nashua, Exeter, Keene, Newmarket, Lebanon, and Swampscott, they can serve your needs no matter where you are in New England.

Their property managers are invested in the day-to-day operations of their communities. As a result, they are always available and canthe quesanyns you may have.

They also have a good reputation when it comes to service. As a result, they are among the few companies with the best customer service and turnover rates in the industry.


Excellent North Property Management is one of the country’s largest third-party asset management firms, with more than 22,000 units in New England managed by their team. Their professional property management services include lease management, market analysis, and project structuring. They are also accredited by the Institute of Real Estate Management, a national affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS.

Their corporate headquarters is in Exeter, N.H., and they have regional offices in Nashua, Lincoln, and Peabody, Mass. The average salary of a Great North Property Management employee is $43,460. Most employees at the company stay with the company for 3.5 years. 60% of employees recommend working at the company, according to their reviews. In addition, 5% of the workers at the company are Asian.

The Institute of Real Estate Management accredits great North Property Managementment. This organization awards AMO (Accredited Management Organization) accreditation to real estate firms that adhere to their Code of Professional Ethics.