Horrific Housing Vending Machine Code


What is Horrific Housing?

Horrific Housing was developed and released to the public on June 27, 2015. Similar to Plates of Fate and Lab Experiment, players are given houses that they must protect. Events occur randomly that could help or harm them as the round progresses – the last player standing wins this round! Taking inspiration from Roblox memes, Horrific Housing features different game modes such as Ice Plate, Solar Flare Gear Rapid Corrupt Classic, etc.

The gameplay in Battleborn is fast-paced and full of excitement; something always seems to be going on! Plus, there are tons of secrets hidden throughout the lobby map while waiting for matches to start; mini-games ranging from obstacle courses and fighting games provide entertainment while waiting.

Winning multiple rounds can net you some serious coin and merchandise to add to your shop purchases, upgrade your house, or modify its color and texture – it’s an addictive but entertaining way to spend your spare time! For more info, visit either the official Wikia or the community server!