House of Gold Chords – Bob Marley on the Ukulele


House of Gold by Twenty-One Pilots is an ideal song to start learning the ukulele with, with its simple chord progression and steady rhythm being perfect for novice players.

Just G, D, and Em chords are required to play this classic Bob Marley song on your ukulele – use a reggae-style strumming pattern for maximum authenticity! Deaden strings after every strum for an authentic sound!

La Bamba

Bob Marley’s well-known song can make for an exciting and unforgettable ukulele performance, its rhythm luring you into dancing effortlessly and its spiritual message making an impressionful statement about life itself. Enjoy playing it anytime or any place! It is truly magnificent music for any situation or setting.

While some may find this song corny and cheesy, others can’t resist bopping their way along to its popular tune. It makes an ideal song to practice playing ukulele, as its chords and strumming pattern make learning easy for beginners.

“Hakuna Matata” will bring back memories of your carefree childhood! One of the most accessible ukulele songs to learn, it features an easy groove with three sets of down-up strokes that create rhythm. Only C, F and G chords are required for this tune; capo can add extra smoothness. You could even incorporate some fingerstyles for added flair!

Dolly Parton

Dolly Rebecca Parton was born January 19, 1946, in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, and is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actress, philanthropist, philanthropist, businesswoman and philanthropist. Due to her vast talent, she has received numerous accolades, including nine Grammy Award wins out of 50 nominations, the Country Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award, three Academy Awards, two Golden Globe nominations, and multiple American Music Awards.

After years of success performing at the Grand Ole Opry and with Porter Wagoner, Parton released her first solo album, Hello, I’m Dolly, in 1967. For the remainder of the 1960s and all of the 1970s, she would become one of Nashville’s biggest stars, often releasing three or more albums each year.

Parton made a concerted effort in the late 1970s to expand her fame beyond country music, with her song Here You Come Again topping both country and pop charts and becoming an international success. As a result, she began appearing on syndicated TV shows and appearing in movies such as 9 to 5. However, due to a uterine cancer diagnosis in 1984, she underwent a hysterectomy procedure, which prevented her from having children again.


House of Gold by Twenty-One Pilots was released on the album Regional at Best in 2011. This song’s chords include C, F, Am, G, A7 Dm Bbm. It can be played in C as its key. A suggested strumming pattern for House of Gold would be D DU UDU, although D (down) might also work if preferred. Fingerpicking should also be straightforward with a thumb to C string, index, and middle fingers on E and A strings, respectively, with fingers strummed down once every two beats before strumming down on every chord for two seconds before strumming again to complete.

Bob Marley

Born Robert Nesta Marley in rural St Ann, Jamaica, in 1945, he began striving for fame during his teenage years. Working as an apprentice welder alongside musician Desmond Dekker, he soon discovered ska, which is an amalgamation of American rhythm and blues music and Jamaican calypso influences, before soon forming a vocal group with friends Peter Tosh and Neville O’Reilly Livingston (later Bob Marley himself). They took to the stage as the Wailers and soon became an enormous hit in Jamaican society.

Marley became an international icon during a free concert held to ease political tensions in Jamaica two days prior. At that concert, gunmen opened fire on his audience; Marley braved through it all and performed, cementing his status as a global cultural figure. Subsequent albums reflected this newfound awareness, such as rising unemployment rates, limited food supplies, and violent political violence; these albums further solidified Marley as an international cultural figure.

After he died in 1981, Marley’s legacy continued through his family and extended network of artists who continued his musical vision by incorporating elements of reggae with R&B, pop, jazz, and hip-hop music into reggae music. Damian Marley was awarded a Grammy award in 2009 for B Is for Bob, an album that fused elements of reggae music with modern rap music as well as R&B sounds for maximum commercial impact and earned major chart hits.

I’m Yours

One of the best ukulele songs for beginners is this Israel Kamakawiwo’ole remake of The Wizard of Oz classic. This song’s highly straightforward pattern only requires three chords: D, C, and A minor (which uses simple fingerwork on two strings at the second fret each).

Once you master these chords, learning I’m Yours from Twenty One Pilots should be simple. Just use the suggested strumming pattern of D – DU – UDU when strumming this ukulele tune. Furthermore, be sure to practice playing it in its original key of C since that was how they originally played it. Originally released as a single from the Regional at Best album in 2011 and included on the major label debut studio album Vessel two years later, I’m Yours is an alternative folk ballad featuring ukulele instrumentals and Tyler Joseph vocals.

Stand By Me

House of Gold by Twenty-One Pilots is an exquisite tune with its charming melody and drum beats. House of Gold has become a viral song to play on the ukulele, especially among beginners who find its chord structure and strumming pattern easy to learn – the suggested strumming design being DDUDU, but you could try other ways that fit the beat better of this track.

This classic rock song boasts a beautiful melody and easy chords, making it ideal for beginning ukulele players looking to improve their strum speed. Additionally, its straightforward lyrics allow anyone singing along to it to add even more fun!

This song’s chords are designed for beginners, making it easy for any ukulele player to pick up and enjoy playing together with their friends while practicing chord progressions. Beginner-friendly chords include F, G, and C in this tune.

Little Talks

Hakuna Matata from Disney’s The Lion King is an enjoyable tune to learn on the ukulele. Its upbeat rhythm promotes carefree living – something many find inspiring! Additionally, this song boasts an acoustic-led chord progression, which makes it simple enough for beginners to pick up quickly.

Ho Hey by American folk rock band The Lumineers is another fantastic tune to learn on the ukulele, thanks to its catchy “hey-hey” chants that will engage beginners of any level of experience with playing the instrument.

Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan is another excellent acoustic song to learn on the ukulele and express yourself musically. This timeless protest song can quickly be known and appreciated when played acoustically through its accompanying chord progressions.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This popular Twenty-One Pilots song is an ideal option for beginning players. While its strumming pattern may be complicated, it sounds great on the ukulele! Additionally, practicing chords is also great fun. Just make sure that a capo on fret 2 remains in order to keep chords within their original key of the song.

Leaving on a Jet Plane is another unforgettable tune on the Ukulele. While its sad rock sound might make it intimidating at first, its simple chord structure and strumming pattern make this tune easy to play and will sound beautiful on your Uke. To practice without singing and remember all the lyrics more efficiently as an amateur player.

Here are just a few popular songs you can learn to play on your Ukulele. Once you’ve mastered basic chords, more advanced pieces may follow and will delight friends and family members alike!