How much does Nadine West Cost review


What is Nadine West?

Nadine West is a clothing store that offers accessory subscription boxes. They offer a 2 week and a 4-week delivery option depending on the customer’s preferences. The best part about Nadine West’s subscription boxes is that they can be customized to suit your budget, style, and size. Their clothes sizes range from small to extra extra extra large (s to 3x).

They have a lot of variety for shoppers to choose from. Their items include clothing from common brands as well as many other brands. Nadine West provides a perfect way to get personalized clothing packages.

Benefits of shopping at Nadine West

How much does Nadine West Cost

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You keep what you like

Many online stores have a reputation of advertising fabulous clothes only to realize that the package you will receive contains items that are poorly made and of inferior quality as advertised. With Nadine West, you don’t have to worry about that. They sent you a box with items specifically chosen for you depending on your selected preferences. Once, you receive the items, you only keep the ones that you want and the rest you return to them.

Super easy to get new styles every month

Every box comes with different items based on your chosen options. Moreover, over time depending on what you keep and return, the team will fine-tune your preferences to ensure that your next selection is better than the previous.

Affordable services and items

Most of their items cost around $10 to $30, which are reasonable prices considering other similar online retailers. Their services are free and transparent. The only fees you pay are the shipping costs and the purchase

How to shop at Nadine West

How much does Nadine West Cost

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Complete the style quiz

Upon landing on their website there is an option to complete a style quiz. This enables them to select and send clothes particular to their style.

Monthly deliveries

After the quiz, you will receive monthly boxes with pieces that suit the options you selected.

Choose what you like

The delivery will contain 4 to 6 pieces. You are free to try out the pieces to find out which ones suit your style the best. If you like them all you keep them and the amount will be deducted from your account. If ever there are pieces that you don’t like you return them for free. If you choose to return all the items the only fee you pay is the shipping fee.

Updating your preferences

In case the season change or for any other reason you need a different style of clothes. The process is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is to log in to your account and change your preferences to a particular style of your choice. Once the update is complete, the next batch you receive will contain new clothes that suit the updated version.

Clearing the rental confusion

Nadine West is not a clothing rental store. As such the clothes that you wear going out are those that you have chosen to keep. Despite that, trying out your pieces at the comfort of your home is allowed.


Is the service available to customers outside of the USA?

No, at the moment Nadine West services are available to customers in the USA only.

Does Nadine West accept all types of payments?

Yes, they do accept all major credit cards for payment except for prepaid cards.

How do I return unwanted items back to Nadine West?

The process is very simple you pack unwanted items in the same box they came in. Deliver it to mail services and you are done.