How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper


Recycled materials offer a creative outlet to express our feelings for friends and loved ones, so here is a fun guide on making heart-shaped objects out of gum wrappers using folding techniques to craft heart shapes.

Begin by selecting a clean gum wrapper and unfolding it carefully. This step will ensure your heart-shaped creation turns out clear and well-defined.

1. Flatten the Gum Wrapper

Making a heart out of a gum wrapper is an easy and fun DIY project that adds handmade charm to gifts or shows someone your care; this heart-shaped creation can serve as decoration, gift wrapper, keychain, or key fob! Plus, it’s a great way to recycle old gum wrappers that might otherwise end up in the garbage!

Start by finding a clean, flat gum wrapper without any excess gum. Next, fold it lengthwise to create an oval-shaped paper suitable for creating heart-shaped masterpieces.

Fold the right side of the rectangle over itself at its middle crease to form the heart shape and define its outline. Continue this process for the left side to complete this beautiful shape!

Finally, use your fingers to tuck in the two bottom corners of the heart for an enhanced heart shape and to help it stand out from its counterparts. Scissors can also help trim any excess paper sticking out from it. When finished, your gum wrapper heart can now be enjoyed! Be it decoration or gift, this heart-shaped creation is sure to bring smiles from those it bring joy!

2. Fold the Gum Wrapper in Half

This DIY project can bring joy and satisfaction. Additionally, recycling paper while showing love is a significant aspect. Start with an unwrapped gum wrapper, fold diagonally to meet the center crease, and continue folding the rest of the sheet until achieving a pointed heart shape.

Next, locate the midpoint of the folded edge and pinch gently to create a mirrored curve that complements the upper curve. Make sure they align evenly for visual symmetry and aesthetic appeal.

Fold the left side over itself along the middle crease to refine and define the heart shape, giving it a polished appearance. Finally, fold down both top edges for completion of your handmade masterpiece and an acidity that provides durability and professional flair.

You can use your heart as an accent piece or gift embellishment! Be sure to secure it using glue or tape to prevent it from unraveling, and experiment with different colors and patterns for an original design. This project is excellent for beginners as well as experienced artists alike!

3. Fold the Gum Wrapper in a Mountain-Style Fold

Making hearts out of gum wrappers is an easy and fun way to pass the time while creating unique presents for someone you care about. Furthermore, this technique can also be used as decoration for home or office environments by adding recycled paper hearts into decorations or decor items.

Step Two – Fold up the bottom edge of your right side diagonally to align it with the center crease you created in Step Two, as in Step 3. Do this on both sides to form the upper curve of your heart.

Once your heart has taken form, add some finishing touches to make it more polished and professional-looking. Use a plastic card to run along its creases to sharpen them for an eye-catching finish; additionally, you could glue or tape together some parts for additional stability.

Once your gum wrapper heart is complete, it is ready for use! Insert a stick of gum and enjoy its sweet little heart. Save any extra wrappers to fold more seats later; perhaps connect several into an elaborate paper chain! Remember to share it with people close to your heart!

4. Fold the Gum Wrapper in a Triangle

Ensure your gum wrapper is unwrinkled and clean, making folding and shaping it into a heart much simpler. Use small scissors to refine its curves and edges for an authentic and professional finish.

Create the triangle by bringing the right edge of the paper with its left edge to form a triangle at the top corner of a heart shape, folding the base point upward to create a heart-shaped triangle at the center of your gum wrapper. Repeat this step on its opposite side to complete it and form your triangle!

Now, gently bend the top and bottom edges of the heart until they resemble the curves of an actual seat. Continue shaping and adjusting until you are satisfied with its shape; secure it using glue once completed.

Add an extra personal touch to your heart by decorating it with markers or pens to add patterns, messages, or stickers that reflect who you are – this is an ideal way of showing someone how much you care! Plus, add a special touch by sticking one onto the inside of a gum wrapper as an extra special surprise!

5. Fold the Gum Wrapper in a Square

Gum wrapper hearts can be an elegant and thoughtful way to show someone you care. Use them as decorations, gift embellishments, or even keychains – they add a personal touch to gifts while finding use for something that might otherwise go into landfills.

Start by gathering some gum in a rectangular paper or foil wrapper and folding its top and bottom edges together. Hence, they meet in the center, then fold the corners until they touch at their centers, folding the left side over the right side before repeating this process on both sides of your heart.

Once your heart has been formed, carefully insert a stick of gum. Ensure it snugly fits within, tuck any loose ends inside, and secure any necessary areas with glue or transparent tape.

Once you’ve mastered the basic folds, you can experiment with various designs and patterns to give your heart its personality. Use patterned wrappers or add embellishments like markers and stickers; choose colors or textures that reflect who it’s for; the possibilities are limitless! So go ahead – your loved ones will truly appreciate your hard work creating something beautiful for them.

6. Fold the Gum Wrapper in a Heart Shape

Once your gum wrapper has been folded into a square, it can easily be transformed into a heart shape by folding the right and left edges upwards to align diagonally at the center point, then folding down the lower projections for the bottom of the heart shape. Repeat this process on both sides to complete it, and your heart-shaped gum wrapper is ready to use!

Fold the upper corners of the heart inward gently until they resemble a squashed hexagon with six points aligned with its center crease for maximum symmetry and visual appeal.

Add decorations and embellishments once your heart has taken shape to make it more personal and distinctive. Use markers, pens, or stickers to create patterns or designs that reflect your unique aesthetic and style; embellish it with glitter or sequins for an added special touch for someone close to you!

If you want to give someone else a heart-shaped present, slip one of the heart loops through its cut on another heart and attach it. It’s an exciting and novel way to show that special someone how much you care!