Increase Survival Food Storage : Oxygen Absorbers and Nitrogen Packing

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After food have been freeze-dried, what more can be done to preserve it?

The particular freeze-drying process eliminates 98% of the water via food, stopping bacterial expansion and killing insects and eggs. The Interesting Info about freeze dried food.

Beyond freeze machine drying further to preserve food and enhance shelf life, oxygen is the main opponent. If the food is stored in a system that is not exposed to breathable oxygen, the shelf life can attain 25 to 30 years. Life here refers to the food preserving its properties of vitamins and minerals, taste, and appearance. It may nevertheless be safe to eat beyond on this occasion, but the properties as mentioned earlier are generally degraded. Oxygen Absorbers

Some freeze-dried food makers use oxygen absorbers to supply shelf life.

Oxygen absorbers are generally materials that chemically respond to oxygen in the natural environment they are in, combining while using oxygen and thus removing the idea from that environment. The most common material for absorbers is iron in metal powder or iron carbonate. Both integrate with oxygen effectively.

Once oxygen absorbers are exposed to oxygen, they will still react with it until the materials are fully “oxidized”, which means they can not absorb any more oxygen. For this reason, they need to become very carefully sealed and saved so that they are not consumed before their intended use.

The application form in which oxygen absorbers bring freeze-dried food storage space is to place them in the may of food before it is vacuum-sealed.

The idea is that any oxygen that leakages into the sealed container after more than years of storage will be assimilated, rather than the oxygen responding with the freeze-dried and degrading it.

There are two sorts of oxygen absorbers popular. One type, Multisorb Technologies’ FreshPax Type-B, requires a little moisture from the environment it is in to be present to work, and it is used for moist foods such as bread and processed meat. On the other hand, type-D absorbers generally contain their moisture source, and they are thus suited to dry meals like freeze-dried foodstuff.

You may remember the old pensée Aristotle proclaimed in 450 BC, “nature abhors some sort of vacuum”. So any cleaner packed container will be invaded, if ever and so slightly, by the surrounding surroundings and with it the 21% of the air that is breathable oxygen.

So while the oxygen emplear will extend the life by absorbing the breathable oxygen in the air that is present originally during packing and the surroundings that leak in after some time, the absorber will eventually be “maxed out”, it can be fully oxidized. So it can not necessarily absorb any more oxygen.

I possess seen the guarantees for shelf life for this type of bundled freeze-dried food with 10-15 years. This period is often a reflection of the limit on the process and process settings that the producer of the foodstuff uses and that of the breathable oxygen absorber.

Nitrogen Taking

On the other hand, nitrogen packing or “nitro-pak” takes a different method of dealing with oxygen “enemy”.

Rather than relying on the properties of the container to fight the invading air typically trying to get within, the container is purged with nitrogen or loaded in a nitrogen environment. Consequently, the sealed container has got the same or slightly greater pressure but with nitrogen and never air. This means that air is not fighting to get in. There is no hate.

Thus the time that the food remains unexposed to significant concentrations associated with oxygen is much longer, and therefore the possible shelf life is longer.

What is the longest life for nitrogen packed deep freeze-dried food?

Mountain Home, the commercial brand of Or Freeze Dry, which has been about for over 40 years, states on the website regarding their #10 cans of freeze-dried food;

“Our foods may have the longest shelf life accessible… up to 30 years! ”

It might result from superior process handles, not only the nitrogen packaging process, that makes them feel at ease making this statement.

There is info online on how to nitro-pak foods yourself with some gear, but I would be hesitant to assume your procedure control would be on the same k? rester and have the same shelf life.

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