Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?


A career in real estate can be very satisfying for someone who is both personable and professional with clients and customers. Despite its name, the real estate industry is all about people. When you work as a real estate agent, you’ll be helping people through a tough time. Find the best Sydney buyers agents.

For most people, a home purchase represents their single most significant financial outlay. Likewise, the sale of a home is also an important economic event for the typical person. As their Realtor, you will be responsible for guiding them through each step of this massive transaction and resolving any issues that arise.

There are two distinct areas within the real estate industry. Both sellers’ and buyers’ agents exist, and both help people look for and ultimately purchase a home.

Agents specializing in listing properties will meet with prospective sellers to discuss setting a reasonable asking price and developing a marketing plan to move the property quickly and for top dollar. If the owner hires them to market and sell the home, the agent will offer advice on home staging and place an ad in the local MLS listing service. A CMA (comparative market analysis) is a form of mini-appraisal by the listing agent on the home. The house is compared to others; it is currently on the market and has recently been sold in the area.

The listing agent coordinates all showings and open houses with other agents representing prospective buyers. The listing broker or agent will foot the bill for all promotional efforts. The listing and selling offices typically split the selling commission evenly, somewhere between 4% and 6%.

A buyers agent’s job is to locate properties that meet their client’s criteria and set up showings. When a suitable property is found, the buyer’s agent will assist them in completing an offer and any necessary contingencies so that they can be submitted to the listing agent and then on to the homeowner.

If the offer is accepted, the purchaser’s agent will oversee the remaining steps of the transaction, from the purchase and sales agreement (P&S) to the inspections and closing. Most of the time, the buyers coordinate with the mortgage broker to guarantee timely funding.

Noting the time and date of the financing contingency section of the purchase and sales agreement is crucial for buyers’ agents. Notifying the seller and securing an extension is critical if financing cannot be committed by this date. The buyer will lose their deposit if the funding doesn’t go through without an extension, and they may sue the broker or agent for damages.

The mortgage/financing contingency date in the purchase and sales agreement is the most important in the sales schedule from the perspective of the buyer’s agent. You’d be foolish to disregard this.

Successful real estate agents have the following personality traits: proactivity, professionalism, and attention to detail. In addition, they will be friendly and outgoing, with the patience of a saint.

Realtors must be approachable and willing to be firm when dealing with other professionals, such as mortgage brokers and attorneys.

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