Microsoft Windows 11 – Everything You Need to Know


Whether you’ve just bought a new PC and need to learn how to install a new operating system or are simply curious about the latest upgrade, you’ll find information on Microsoft Windows 11 here. You’ll learn about changes to the Start menu, video, and audio call improvements, and Android app support.

Upgrade to Windows 11

Whether you are a long-time Windows fan or have a brand-new PC, upgrading to Windows 11 will give you some extra advantages. Windows has improved in several areas, including the user interface, security, and connectivity. The upgrade will also provide you access to critical updates for years.

Windows 11 offers a new user interface, which includes a Start menu, Quick Settings, and tabs in File Explorer. Microsoft has also improved its speech and text-to-speech services.

You can try a free trial if you want to upgrade to Windows 11 but don’t want to spend a dime. However, you should not expect a complete upgrade. Windows 11 will warn you if your PC isn’t compatible. In addition, you might need to re-enable secure boot in the bios to get the promotion to work.

Microsoft has also launched a new program, the Windows PC Health Check app. This program lets you check whether your PC can run Windows 11 and will recommend upgrades if necessary.

Changes to the Start menu

During its life, the Start menu in Microsoft Windows 11 has undergone several changes. While some users were pleased with the changes, others weren’t. But Microsoft is confident the changes will be a hit.

The Start menu now features a new way to organize your apps. You can create folders and drag apps into them to arrange them. And the folders you create will appear in the Start menu.

You can also delete or hide individual items in the Start menu. You can also add and delete folders to customize the layout.

The Start menu is a great way to access frequently used apps. It also displays hidden programs. In addition, Microsoft’s pinned apps allow you to navigate between them with up and down arrows easily.

The start menu also includes a recommended section. This section displays apps that Microsoft thinks you’ll want to use. You can customize this section to fit more recommendations.

Improvements to video and audio calls

Whether you’re on a video call or listening to a podcast, Microsoft Windows 11 has a lot to offer. From AI-powered improvements to boost audio quality to a new teleprompter simulation, the latest Update could improve your video call experience.

Windows 11 is designed to be more user-friendly. It has new interfaces, improved security features, and new productivity tools. Among the most notable changes is the new Start menu. In addition, Microsoft has redesigned the interface and now includes rounded corners around buttons. It also features a new way to organize windows.

The first significant Update to Windows 11, also known as the Windows 11 21H2 Update, is now available worldwide. Microsoft hopes to make Windows more accessible, secure, and convenient for remote workers.

The Update includes improvements to the Start menu, quick settings, and search results. It also adds a new Do Not Disturb mode that silences notifications in the taskbar. It also adds new security features and provides a new way to organize windows.

Support for Android apps

Previously, the ability to run Android apps on Windows 11 was only available to beta testers. Now, Microsoft is working on expanding the availability of this feature.

Microsoft’s Your Phone feature allows users to install Android apps on Windows computers. In addition to the apps available through the Google Play Store, there is also a smaller selection available from Amazon.

Microsoft has also worked with Intel to create an app called “Intel Bridge.” This allows apps to run natively on x86-based devices. In addition, the company says that much work has gone into making Android apps run on Windows 11.

Windows 11 includes a feature called Windows Subsystem for Android, which lets you interact with Android apps. The component supports window resizing and mouse input. In addition to that, the Windows Subsystem for Android includes new camera support and improved multi-threaded performance. The part also supports app shortcuts.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 update will also include a new window-sharing feature. This allows users to share an app with another person.