Mozilla App for Android, Helping to Make best Web Browsing Easy!


The Mozilla app for Android is one of the highly appreciable web browsers that have helped in making browsing incredibly fast. There are millions of online trackers that are following you daily. They are collecting information about you regarding the sites you are visiting.


Surprisingly, with Mozilla, it has become easy to stay away from such critical issues. It is blocking more than 2000 trackers by default. The availability of blocker add-ons will help in customizing your browser. With this particular web browser, you will be able to enjoy the required security along with the speed to make your browsing experience an immaculate one.


Mozilla Firefox App is Fast, Private, and Safe


There are numerous web browsers. But, none of them are as faster as the Mozilla app. Along with high speed, it will help in protecting your privacy at the best. Also, you need not dig deep into your privacy settings as everything will set up automatically.


If you desire to be in control, you may choose any ad blocker add-ons. As it is inclusive of smart browsing features that will let you safely protect your privacy, bookmarks, and passwords; you may enjoy an uninterrupted experience in terms of browsing.


Own Your Life wherever You Desire


Everybody prefers enjoying high privacy protection while browsing the web. With the exclusively programmed Mozilla app, it will become easy to block third-party cookies and unwanted ads. Switching on to the Private Browsing mode will prevent you from being traced and tracked.


Once you are done with changing the mode, the browsing history will automatically get erased. With the Mozilla app, you may now own your browsing wherever desired. Some highly incredible inclusions include:


Adding the app all across the device for a secured and seamless browsing

Synchronizing your devices for taking your favorite bookmarks along with browsing history wherever you go

Sending open tabs from the computer system to mobile phone and vice versa


By easily remembering your passwords all across the device, password management has been made easy


Mozilla Makes Searching Highly Faster


Slow searching and browsing of the web are not at all enjoyed by anyone. With the installation of the Mozilla app, you will be able to enjoy the lucrative benefits of faster web browsing.


By anticipating your needs, it will provide multiple results all across your favorite search engines. Such an exclusive feature will serve as a time-saver for you. It will help you to access all your shortcuts easily to Twitter, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Mozilla app will let you open as many tabs as you desire without losing track of your web pages.


During your leisure time, you will be able to spend your time going through your favorite websites in a hassle-free manner.


Sharing of Links, Now Made Easy


Earlier, the sharing of links was not at all a small piece of cake. The Firefox browser has made sharing of links of web pages all around through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and WhatsApp. Also, with the Mozilla app; you will now be able to send web content and video from your smartphone to a television that is equipped with high streaming capabilities.


Does the Mozilla app separate the search box and address the box?

Yes, Mozilla separates the search box from the address box. It helps in maintaining high privacy.

How can I choose my search provider in Mozilla?

The search box of Firefox is inclusive of a dropdown arrow that will let you choose the most preferable search providers. It will serve as a highly handy choice.

What makes the bookmarking tool in Firefox highly convenient?

The bookmarking tool of Firefox is inclusive of star and clipboard icons. Tapping the star will turn it to blue color, thus showing that the current website has been added into your bookmarks section.