Capital Doner in DC


Capital Doner recently opened their DC location, offering online Turkish food ordering with an expansive menu featuring their famous doner kebab. Don’t miss this delicious experience!

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Capital Doner Restaurant recently opened in DC and offers traditional Turkish fare, such as beef sandwich, falafel, red lentil soup, seasonal salad, and pistachio-wrapped baklava. An extensive beverage selection, including juices, water, and soda, also pairs nicely with each meal – perfect whether indoors or out! With moderate prices sure to please any appetite and child-friendly dining included as part of its repertoire *some menu items may have changed since our last update*


Capital Doner brings authentic Turkish cuisine to Dupont Circle with an expansive menu featuring spit-roasted sliced meat as its signature dish. Additionally, Capital Doner provides sandwiches and platters featuring falafel, hummus, red lentil soup, and seasonal salad – not forgetting their legendary currywurst: an addictive pork sausage doused in spicy curry-laced ketchup sauce served alongside top-of-the-line pommes – perfectly complementing their impressive selection of pilseners, Kolsch and doppelbocks available indoor or outdoors seating is offered!


Capital Doner serves delicious Turkish cuisine that you won’t find elsewhere. From tasty Berliner, turkey, and lamb dishes to their mouthwatering baklava and yogurt dessert options – they have indoor or outdoor seating available to enjoy their exotic atmosphere and reasonable pricing with high ratings from guests and diners. Guests can order butter-basted doners from a rotating spit with bread or on platters as an entree and seasonal salads and pistachio-wrapped baklava as dessert options!


Capital Doner in Dupont Circle is the latest DC-area addition to the rotisserie-style sandwich scene. It boasts an open kitchen that shows every step of its operation via its rotating spit and Chef Usta Ali at work. Once you know what you want, take your pick from their wide variety of toppings for customizing your meal to meet your needs – butter-basted doner, chicken shwarma, or gyro (served either sandwich style or platter), served with rice and fries (don’t forget the delicious pistachio wrapped piece of delicious baklava as dessert). Plus, there is outdoor seating, so you can enjoy both services as much as its food is worth.