New Investment Trends in 2021


It is difficult for investors to envision a more spectacular journey on the rolling coaster than in 2020. The whipsaw Covid-19 felt like the Great Recession and the Dot COM Bubble wrapped in twelve months. New trends have been found in order to develop a healthy and diversified investment portfolio, with many new and emerging professionals trading as proactive investors or as hobbies throughout the epidemic.

Hedge and Hold

Property is a major inflation hedge. The real estate markets are disrupting, with growing amounts invested outside their usual currency, in particular with the use of cryptocurrencies. This is quite meaningful, as your real estate investment is only 20% higher if your currency falls by 20%. Then think of hedging your country and hedging your asset base. Cryptocurrencies have an exponential growth in strength. Elon Musk was particularly accredited with raising bitcoin values, with massive increases in the last year.

Disruption Double Downward

Based on the stock market disaster of the 1920s, you would have thought people would have been sceptical that within a decade television is easily accessible in their homes and television networks are giants in the business. Today, we have to look about technological disruption, which will rise over the next ten years.

Learn from well-known investors how to make the best investment plan. During this pandemic, many entrepreneurs not only boost their businesses but also gave a new business approach to the corporate sectors.

Gen Z is Ready to Stand

Although this is true, there will be great crashes, but large waves will also surf. Many industries and sectors are expected to flourish in a post-covid world that returns to business as normal. There is a change and growth in the impact of investment – for profit and purpose. Millennials and Gen Z are driven by their personal beliefs and are the driving force behind an aware investor trend. As we observe the transfer of money from baby boomers to their younger counterparts, investment in the next 10year is likely to increase exponentially.

All important development sectors, such as green tech and effect, provide both positive and high benefits for society. It’s all about understanding what you want, preparing for the effect, having a strategy so that you know what your route is.

Velocity V. Size

Recall that it doesn’t matter how large you are, but how quick and easy you might be to acquire right at the appropriate moment. It is about identifying and seizing on new trends at the right time. The biggest gains on the market this year come, rather than classic value investment, from dynamism companies and meme stocks. There have been changes in all rules. The largest example is GameStop, with a tiny investor motivated by a Reddit discussion board and social media unlikely to have seen its share price rise. Momentum is a value creator.


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