Pet Tape


If you love adding bits of vellum and acetate to your bullet journal or planner, pet tape will undoubtedly bring life and color to it! Not only will it add personality, but its bright colors will stand out even more against its white background.

Scapa polyester (PET) tapes provide cost-effective and fast solutions for many industries and applications. They’re available in an assortment of widths and adhesive types.

Easy to apply

Polyester tape (commonly known as PET tape) is a pressure-sensitive adhesive film with excellent shear strength and initial tack, as well as resistance against edge lifting. PET tape makes an excellent masking material due to its low residue levels and antagonism against plasticizer migration, solvents, chemicals, and UV degradation.

Easy to apply and remove, tape is simple to use and draw from a build plate by rolling or spraying with soapy water, depending on how efficient you want the application process to be. Once applied, air bubbles can be squeezed off by squeezing dry the build plate before applying more tape if necessary. It is also resistant to high temperatures for powder coating, spray painting, etching plating, anodizing, and photo splicing use while being quickly cleaned, leaving no sticky residue behind.

PET tape comes in various colors and patterns to accommodate decorating bullet journals, scrapbooks, planners, and other craft projects. PET tape offers durability and water resistance; some even feature gorgeous printed designs or glitter embellishments! As an economical alternative to washi tape, it provides an economical solution for adding embellishments to journals or planners.

Scapa Industrial offers a selection of single and double-sided PET tapes in various widths, lengths, thicknesses, and materials (acrylic silicone rubber) adhesives. Our tapes feature excellent mechanical properties as they withstand moisture, oil, and solvents while being cut to size or shape to meet individual application needs.

Easy to remove

PET tape is easy to peel away from most surfaces, including walls. Removal can be accomplished using soapy water or simply pulling off the tape with one fingertip – making it an excellent alternative to Kapton tape in less demanding applications and lower temperature ranges. When applying PET tape, it should be done with minimum pressure to avoid surface damage; additionally, it comes in various widths for application purposes.

Stikon S-Fix PET is transparent with acrylic laminating and fixing tape designed for high-performance use on plastics, cardboard, and other printed products. With excellent clarity, long-term shear performance, and UV resistance capabilities, it makes a perfect solution for printing applications, point of sale (POS), packaging applications, or shipping.

Double-sided PET tape comprises PET film as the substrate and is coated on both sides with unique acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, providing good shading performance, scratch resistance, easy striping characteristics, and initial adhesion/cost performance. Additionally, this tape offers good shading performance, scratch resistance, and initial adhesion/cost performance – perfect for bonding nameplates, plastic, rubber, and metal materials with good heat resistance/water resistance/chemical stability properties. PET crystal emboss tape offers a 3D printed image effect suitable for decorative projects – significant for journal covers/cards/letters, etc.

Great for 3D printing

Polyester (PET) tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes made with silicone adhesive that come in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses for industrial use. Their silicone adhesive provides superior adhesion against moisture, solvents, and oils and is highly temperature resistant – ideal for 3D printing! PET tapes also boast excellent moisture resistance as they resist moisture build-up on print beds of printers, allowing for optimal adhesion between components or protecting surfaces from wear and tear. They come in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses, which makes them a popular choice among industrial users due to their resistance against moisture build-up from the moisture resistance of industrial environments as well. Their high resistance against moisture makes them an attractive industrial option due to increased resistance against moisture build-up on surfaces as well as oils from solvents/oils/other solvents/oils resistance which makes them highly resistant against moisture build up on surfaces compared with others making them a popular choice among industries as they have high resistances against moisture/oils/oils as well as high-temperature resistance allowing high-temperature use without breaking. Furthermore, they make great options for adhesion on printer print beds due to solid adhesion allowing good adhesion regarding print bed adhesion!

PET tape, while generally associated with 3D printing, offers an economical alternative. PET is easier and faster to apply than Kapton while offering lower temperatures, build plate support, easier cleanup, and increased durability than its competitor.

PET is a highly flexible material that makes an ideal material for many different applications. With high Z-layer strength and minimal shrinkage, this flexible material helps the print retain its original form post-print completion. Furthermore, its ease of use makes PET an appealing alternative to ABS when printing with transparent colors.

PET plastic is more heat resistant than other plastics, making it perfect for high-temperature applications such as powder coating, spray coating, etching, and anodizing. PET tape has an upper limit temperature limit of up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, which surpasses most other plastics’ upper limits.

PETG, or PET modified with glycol, is even better for 3D printing than standard PET. With higher tensile strength and less shrinkage than its PET counterpart, it makes larger prints more suitable. Furthermore, its low warping and excellent layer adhesion lead to smoother surface finishes, while it can even be dyed to produce colorful translucent images.

PET tape was initially created for 3D printing applications; however, its versatility makes it suitable for many other purposes. For instance, it can protect desktop 3D printer glass surfaces from scratches and fingerprints and repair broken parts or seal gaps in mechanical components.


PET tape is a robust and resilient adhesive with superior performance across numerous applications. With tensile solid strength to resist stretching and tearing and high-temperature resistance to work in hot and cold environments, this high-performance adhesive also offers exceptional adhesion for multiple surfaces and materials, making it a suitable option for various uses.

Scapa’s PET tape comes in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses to meet any project need. Available in multiple colors, its double-sided version is beneficial in cold climate applications as a sealant to seal plastics or metals – not forgetting its resistance to moisture, solvents, and oils!

PET film is coated on both sides with either rubber or acrylic adhesive for easy adhesion and high initial tack, making this tape suitable for sticking onto various surfaces and materials with ease. Furthermore, its resistance to plasticizer migration, solvents, and chemicals makes this tape ideal.

PET tapes are more resilient and more robust than their paper-based counterparts, as well as being water resistant and temperature resistant – they can withstand temperatures ranging from freezing to boiling point without melting or warping, making them suitable for wrapping boxes or repairing paper products.

PET tape has many applications, from packaging and electrical insulation to construction projects and industrial endeavors. Not only is PET tape durable, but it’s cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness make it attractive. Furthermore, all ink systems can use PET tape with printing logos and information printed directly on it.

PET tape offers a simple yet elegant solution to decorate your journal or planner pages, offering vibrant splashes of color without taking away from their design. Plus, its transparent background won’t get in the way.