Pet-Tracs Adoptions


Thompson Falls Animal Care & Control Society (TRACS), in Montana’s Northwestern region, provides care and adoption of healthy pets vaccinated and spayed/neutered at no charge.

Marshall loves TRACS and wants to show his affection by serving as the poster dog for their inaugural “Make TRACKS for TRACS” dog walk event at the high school athletic field on October 20th.


Meet Jasper, a 4-year-old pit bull terrier mix who spent over 525 days at various shelters in Maine. While Jasper may have spent some of his life living in caves, he remains playful and enjoys all that life brings.

He arrived at TRACS when his previous owners couldn’t keep him. Now, he is finally receiving the love and attention he so richly deserves.

TRACS Animal Shelter in Northwestern Montana is unique because they don’t turn any pet away until it has found a forever home. Open Monday to Friday, their animals come healthy, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped before going home with you. If you are interested in adopting one, please fill out an adoption application found online, and an adoption specialist will get in touch soon afterward.


Augie is an adorable dog with an endearing personality. Adopted by the Pullmans after his original family died in a car accident, Augie quickly became part of their family and has helped them through some difficult times. Although his initial start may have been rough, Augie has since matured into an intelligent and affectionate companion who loves playing with humans as well as being protective over his family members.

Auggie begins his first school year at Beecher Prep feeling anxious. He doesn’t want other children staring at him; his parents and big sister Via try to assure him everything will be fine, but Auggie remains anxious.

On his first day of school, Auggie attempts to remain unnoticed by other students by staying out of sight in his homeroom. Jack and Charlotte greet him; Julian does not acknowledge his presence. After lunch, he asks Savanna (another newcomer to school) for a tour around campus; Auggie likes her but finds her uninterested in talking.

After several weeks at his new school, Auggie quickly puts himself at ease with Ms. Petosa and his classmates. To his disbelief, no one in his homeroom noticed his face immediately when they introduced themselves – Jack, Charlie, and Julian quickly became his best friends who helped make him feel at ease in his surroundings.

Over the next several weeks, Auggie and his friends go on field trips, work on projects in the science lab, and attend parties. At one party, he overhears Jack saying insulting things about him; upon hearing this news from Summer, she tells him not to bother hanging out with Jack anymore and rejects him as unworthy of their time and affection.

As soon as Auggie hears of his school principal’s announcement that their class will be writing a book about bravery, he immediately thinks about writing about his experiences with bullying. He writes about his family and their hardships due to their appearance, as well as about blessings that have come into his life; in conclusion, he decides to change his name to Isimuka (which means “great fortune” in their language).


Chandler is a gentle giant who thrives when playing with other dogs and cats. Rescued from a high kill shelter in California two hours before they were scheduled to euthanize him, Chandler was brought up-to-date on all his shots and is ready for adoption into an active home where someone else’s active dog could demonstrate what it means to belong in one. Please reach out to TRACS for more information about this wonderful boy.

Chandler struggles to take things seriously, which he attempts to compensate for with humor. Chandler often makes comical gaffes throughout the show – one being his obsession with figure skater Janice (Maggie Wheeler). Chandler often grabs onto Janice as she sings Lionel Richie’s album cover as she sings his hit single “Endless Love,” even though both he and she are in relationships with other people.

His commitment issues also extend to his professional life; he often seems angry or hostile toward coworkers at the office, yet in truth, he has been afraid to ask for more money from management. After finally doing so in season 9 (though still reluctant), he does ask for additional funds but remains dubious about starting a family and ultimately separates from Monica.

In the final season of Friends, Chandler falls for Monica–his co-worker–leading to an amusing storyline about him trying to keep their affair from his co-workers and finally marrying and adopting twins together in the finale.

Though Chandler avoids physical exercise, he remains an avid sports fan who regularly watches Knicks games with Joey and Ross. Additionally, he enjoys football, ice hockey, racquetball, and figure skating coaching; during the reunion special, he even revealed this fact without specifying whether this was real or done to appear more like one of the guys.


Luna was adopted from TRACS one year ago. She’s an affectionate shepherd mix who makes for a loyal companion and knows basic commands; she gets along well with other dogs but prefers being an only dog; she enjoys hiking and playing on the beach – she would make an excellent addition to any family!

Luna’s House is exceptional because amazing volunteers run each animal program (Cats, Dogs, and Small Animals) with expertise caring for many companion animals. They provide roomy enclosures with species-appropriate enclosures, high-quality foods, veterinary care (including spay/neuter services), exercise, stimulation, and socialization to break the cycle of neglect seen at many shelters.

Volunteers also take Luna’s animals on educational tours for Scout, school, and community groups, as well as speaking engagements at local expos and events to foster humane awareness and respect for all animals. Only through education will we shape the future of animal care and treatment in our communities – Luna’s House is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization.