The Pet Brooder 90 – The Most Advanced Care Unit For Sick and New-Born Animals


The Pet Brooder 90 is the premier care unit for sick and newborn animals. This model has become immensely popular with veterinarians, breeders of birds, puppies, and other species, as well as other animal enthusiasts.

It features many features to improve hygiene, such as an Antibiotic/Deodorising air filter and humidity system designed to eliminate germs in water, as well as an easy-clean removable bottom tray for effortless cleaning.

Temperature Control

The Pet Brooder 90 is an innovative care unit for sick and newborn animals. Used by both veterinarians and serious puppy breeders, this machine provides all of the features you need to raise newborns or care for sick pets or critters successfully. In contrast to other incubators, it features the option to attach a nebulizer, ideal when treating sick pets, as it uses specialized fans to disperse medicine around its machine.

This Rcom animal ICU brooder is designed to keep newborn animals warm by regulating the air temperature within an incubator, especially puppies and other young animals that struggle with self-regulating body heat and could otherwise become ill or die in cold environments. Furthermore, this pet brooder provides safe care and comfort to sick or injured creatures that require assistance.

The Rcom animal ICU brooder provides excellent temperature and humidity controls and an easily removable bottom tray for easy cleaning. Featuring design input from veterinarians during product development, its optimal design has resulted in actual medical use.

The Rcom Pet Brooder features a tray, reservoir tank, silicone tubing, and a 3-prong power cord made of high-quality and durable materials to withstand repeated use. Incorporating full insulation to protect animals from external temperatures and an inbuilt humidification system to maintain optimal humidity levels, plus an antibiotic/deodorizing air filter and humidity control system to eliminate germs in the water, it is fully equipped to keep your aquatic friends happy!

Humidity Control

The pet brooder 90 is an advanced care unit for sick or newborn animals. It is highly sought-after by veterinarians and serious puppy breeders. One of its unique advantages is being one of the few incubators available that caters specifically to exotic pets or small mammals, as well as helping heal injured or sick ones.

One of the features that set apart Pet Brooders from others is their humidity control system, which maintains a constant level of moisture inside. This ensures babies remain healthy and safe and prevents mold or bacteria growth. You can adjust this level with just the touch of a button; we suggest setting it to around 65%, which works well for young pups who cannot regulate their body temperatures yet.

Insulated walls of the Pet Brooder 90 are another critical feature that helps retain warmth and prevent heat loss, an essential factor when caring for newborn puppies who cannot yet regulate their body temperatures and are particularly susceptible to cold temperatures that could result in pneumonia.

Insulated walls are also designed to shield babies from external light sources that could disturb their sleeping cycles and lead to illnesses, providing parents with a great tool to give their infants the best start possible. Furthermore, this technology also makes home life simpler for people who keep multiple animals at once and require separate enclosures.

This pet brooder features a rotatable sliding door that makes checking on your pets simple, as well as a dedicated hose connector to connect a Nebulizer or Oxygen tank (sold separately). A drawer-separated tray allows easy hygiene management, while its built-in air filter helps eliminate germs while decreasing fan noise for an enjoyable indoor environment.


The Pet Brooder 90 incubator provides the ideal environment for newborn puppies, kittens, critters, and other animals that cannot regulate their body temperatures. The incubator’s heater ensures these fragile creatures stay warm, protecting against cold weather that could otherwise pose health issues and against external parasites and bacteria that might threaten them.

Easy to operate and equipped with a digital display that shows current temperature, room humidity, and battery status, as well as a timer. Furthermore, this brooder offers automatic temperature control and rotary door access – offering users control over Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures in increments of 0.01 degrees! Plus, it can even shut off automatically after a specified time has elapsed!

This unit comes equipped with multiple features designed to maximize hygiene, such as an antibiotic/deodorizing air filter and humidification system designed to remove germs from water; in addition, there’s a removable and highly durable bottom tray as well as an extra oxygen inlet for connecting nebulizers or oxygen tanks.

The Rcom Pet Brooder 90 incubator is one of the most advanced and sophisticated incubators on the market, perfect for raising the first litter of puppies or kittens and serving as an ICU for sick or injured pets. Easy to operate with its large tray that can accommodate larger species; fully automated with an intuitive user interface – perfect!

The Rcom Pet Brooder 90 incubator is an ideal way to care for dogs, kittens, and other small mammals. Equipped with an oxygen tank and nebulizer connection for easy use and a humidification system that connects directly to one, alarms will notify of any issues immediately and feature a drawer-separately tray for convenient hygiene management. Perfect for breeders and owners of newborn animals alike – plus with one one-year manufacturer parts warranty, this incubator comes highly recommended by us! If any further queries arise, please reach out!


Animal ICU brooders come equipped with nebulizer features that make caring for sick animals more manageable, such as attaching directly to a connected unit and dispensing medication with its dedicated fan. Nebulizers can also be used to provide water now to animals.

The Pet Brooder 90 provides some exceptional options to maintain extreme hygiene, such as its built-in Antibiotic/Deodorising air filter and humidification system for eliminating germs from water sources, plus its removable bottom tray for effortless cleanup. Furthermore, this Brooder can connect directly to an oxygen tank through its built-in oxygen inlet, powered either through piped oxygen or cylinders of oxygen supplied separately from their mains supply.

Another impressive feature of this incubator is its secondary tray, which can be used for feeding, nesting box use, or enrichment for your animals. Plus, its front access makes it simple to access and clean the primary nipple plate for ultimate efficiency!

No matter what kind of animal or wildlife rehabilitation work you’re doing in your home or shelter, RCOM USA animal ICU incubators provide everything needed for success! All our units feature Oxygen/Nebulizer Tank Connections, Silicone Tubing, and 3 Prong Power Cords – our latest 3rd Generation models even complete everything necessary for getting you up and running quickly with your project.