Positives and negatives of Common Stone Kitchen countertops

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Stone countertops are an ever more popular design feature in kitchen sets today. Indeed, the trend was partially attributable to cosmetics, but stone countertops are durable and blockage well to heat. Even so, there are a variety of materials employed for stone countertops, each using distinct pros can negatives. Best way to find the Quartzite for countertops Lubbock.

So, before you decide which type associated with the countertop works best for you, take some time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of granitic, marble, soapstone, limestone, as well as quartz.


One of the most well-known choices for homeowners, granite is an igneous stone that provides an elegant, glassy appearance. Simply because granite is quite hard, it is excellent in kitchens currently scratch and heatproof.

Granite is also created hundreds of years, so it’s practically impossible to get two identical items. This means that each granite countertop is unique; indeed, granite happens naturally in a wide range of colors as well as patterns, so you’re absolute to find something that fits your style.

Unfortunately, there are a few negatives associated with granite. Most notably, granitic is a porous stone; therefore, it must be sealed chemically, or even it will be susceptible to stains. Could process is not difficult. It should be maintained over time. In addition, marble is quite expensive, so house owners on a budget may want to consider many other materials or even granite tile.


Marble is a beautiful improvement to your kitchen, and it will drastically increase the value of your home. Serious bakers enjoy marble. Currently, an excellent stone that is suitable for making pastries, crusts, and others baked foods. Like marble, marble is available in many natural colors.

However, marble can be a softer stone than marble making it more likely to scratch or chip. Even acidic beverages can damage the surface of pebble, especially if your countertops have got a polished finish. In addition, because of its porous, absorbent nature, marble is likely to stain.


Soapstone is an excellent choice for kitchens mainly because it resists stains and high temperatures well. Unlike granite or maybe marble, soapstone is less very likely to etch. However, when it comes to shade, your options with soapstone are generally limited to a few dark colorings.

Most soapstone is naturally off-white but can be oiled to your black finish. Finally, soapstone is also susceptible to scratching. A lot of it can be sanded, nicks along with scratches can be removed.


Some sedimentary rock that is comparable to marble, limestone countertops give a smooth, uniform appearance. Usually available in neutral and bright colors, limestone offers some unique aesthetic qualities mainly because it often includes fossils and shells.

On the other hand, limestone can be soft rock, and its spots and scratches quickly. Consequently, it is not usually recommended use in kitchens.


Eventually, quartz countertops are usually built from a combination of quartz, color, and resin. Quartz is preferred to offer a lot of the same benefits as marble because it doesn’t require the same repair.

This stone is high-temperature and scratch-resistant without sealing. Moreover, because quartz is an artificial material, the idea usually comes in a range of consistent colors or patterns.


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