Programmed Doors – Guide to Purchasing Automatic Doors


Like purchasing anything in life, there are dozens and dozens of choices of suppliers as well as products. Just like buying a TELEVISION or washing machine, certain items have more features or are created for longer life. To know about automatic door openers residential, click here.

Now the actual phrase “You get whatever you pay for” is not usually true, but it should be a crystal clear indicator if you have received 2 quotations that seem to be kilometers apart in price.

The most common misunderstanding is that a door is a door. Having worked within the automatic door industry for over 10 years I can tell you this is simply not true. The most common cost-reducing procedure I see from businesses is not fitting certain products.

For example, the installer might not quote/fit Part screen safety sensors, abandon signage, or not shape an expensive barrier.

Now, this may appear good at first as the price tag can come down by £100’s. The problem lies in that you may always be left liable in the event of a crash.

The Automatic door sector only really has a single safety Indicator to gauge the standard against. This is the British isles Standard 7036: 1996. This kind of British standard sets the correct equipment and build-up that your door should be to comply with.

Now this standard is simply not Law, but as per typically the Machinery directive, it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that it is involving the correct standard and maintained fully maintained. Rest assured when there was an accident any ascertain in the county would employ this standard as a base to evaluate if your door system the actual grade.

The Automatic front door association runs regular examination programs for automatic front door engineers in the UK, where they test the knowledge of the Electrical engineer to confirm he understands the conventional door should be installed in order to. Each engineer that goes by is supplied with a unique ADSA Number to confirm their proficiency.

Please ask your Installing Company for their Engineers ADSA numbers to assure your door is installed to the correct type and confirm them with typically the Association.

The other thing to appear out for is the High quality of the equipment being set up. Fitting a door is a once-in-a-lifetime work. Although all Companies ought to offer you a min 12 30 days warranty, the Major components within a door should have a life of 2-6 Years. This will depend significantly on the traffic flow/rate of recurrence of door use. Consumables need changing at numerous times depending on the manufacturer’s specification.

Please be aware, that fitting an inexpensive system may seem appealing for the short term but £1000’s lbs worth of repair expenses every year is not!

The other Crucial areas your door should be aligned correctly with are the Disability elegance act and Part E of the Building Regulations. To travel each standard in full below would take pages when pages so please consult the kind of bodies for full specifics, an experienced architect or question your Installation Company intended for full details. Please view References at the bottom of this article for info.

I can’t write about everything you need to learn when buying an automatic door, nevertheless here are some Key questions to question when getting a quotation for you to steer you in the right direction.

  • Do you get a quote that includes all pertinent signage to comply with typically the BS7036: 1996?
  • Do the Obvious opening space of the front door and the vision panels concur with the requirements set out partly M of the Building policies?
  • What is my guarantee about the door and how long in the experience do the major ingredients last before requiring substitutions?
  • Do the Sensors meet the minimum amount requirement of the BS7036: 1996
  • Is the threshold height very low enough to comply with Aspect M?
  • Sliding doors
  • Will the quote include one of the subsequent safety features to protect the area in which the doors slide over:
  • Part screen safety Sensors Obstacles Pocket Screens
  • Swing Automated doors
  • Do the doors Golf swing into an open space where you can strategy the open leaf through the side? If so have you brought about Barriers?
  • Have you quoted about Door Mounted safety receptors?
  • Does the Quotation include regard to Finger Protection devices that stop people from jamming their fingers in between the back side of the door and the framework when the door closes?

Make sure you think carefully about these points before accepting a quotation for any new door system. A computerized door can be an investment inviting your customers/staff however it can often add up to the same cost as a small family vehicle.

I hope this article has been associated with some help.


M Thomas – DRS Front door Sytems – Automatic Gates

As previously Explained this informative article highlights only a few points of the factors / Regulations surrounding auto doors. Please seek advice from the proper body concerning your individual front door system needs. The viewpoints within this article are associated with the Writer and are not necessarily that of any company. We have affirmed all references and take into account the best of our ability and will be taken as advice merely and not used as the bottom part for the specification of just about any automatic door system.

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