Reviewing the Top Telemedicine Software in 2021

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Why Do You Need a Telemedicine Functionality in Your Medical Practice? 

Telemedicine is a tool that enhances patient participation while also making healthcare more convenient and cost-effective. Patients in rural areas, for example, who previously had trouble contacting a doctor can now do so online because of this robust feature.

Physicians and patients can now instantly transmit data from one computer screen to another, thanks to telemedicine. They can even examine and capture data from medical gadgets at another location. Furthermore, telemedicine software allows patients to view their healthcare practitioner for diagnosis and treatment without waiting for an appointment. Patients can communicate with a doctor from the ease of their homes.

However, it can be challenging or straightforward to integrate telemedicine into your practice. Most solo practitioners and clinics, for example, simply require basic HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software to start offering telemedicine consultations. Providers that want a more comprehensive virtual clinic solution, on the other hand, should reconsider their current workflow and include telemedicine software into their practice.

Advantages of Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine assists healthcare organizations, physician practices, and skilled nursing facilities in providing more efficient treatment. Electronic medical records, artificial intelligence diagnosis, and medical streaming devices, all of which integrate with telemedicine software, can help you diagnose and treat your patients more successfully.

You can use telemedicine capabilities to monitor patients in real-time and adjust treatment regimens as needed. As a result, you can achieve improved patient outcomes and increased revenue. Furthermore, you may see more patients without hiring more personnel or enlarging your office space.

Last but not least, because of telemedicine, people who previously had limited access to health care services can now see a physician without leaving their homes. In addition, seniors who wish to age in place can now do so owing to medical streaming devices. Furthermore, those with infectious diseases do not have to expose themselves to others in congested waiting areas, which helps to prevent disease spread.

Top 6 Telemedicine Software for Medical Practices

If your software includes or integrates with a telemedicine feature, you can simply observe and treat your patients remotely via video conferencing. In this article, we’ll look at the best telemedicine software and how it can help you enhance your practice. Keep an eye out!


AdvancedMD, which is well-known among Telemedicine software reviews, is ahead of the competition and continually developing. The AdvancedMD telemedicine feature is well-made, as is the rest of the EMR.

This software guarantees that you may treat your patients even when not in your office by interacting and treating them virtually. Moreover, you can prescribe medication seamlessly via the e-Prescription tool, making the telemedicine software cost well worth it. Overall, multiple Telemedicine Software reviews applaud AdvancedMD for its robust capabilities.


According to Telemedicine software reviews, PrognoCIS offers various features to boost your practice efficiency.  For example, patients who live in underdeveloped areas or require ongoing care can benefit from PrognoCIS’s Telemedicine feature. Moreover, as a result of Covid-19, the demand for virtual consultations has increased. As a result, the telemedicine capabilities may help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Overall, PrognoCIS EMR simplifies virtual consultations. These virtual visits intend to mimic the experience of an in-person session, and you may deliver them to your patients regardless of their location. Furthermore, merging text, email, and video into one seamless experience promotes patient convenience.


The Telemedicine option of DrChrono EHR Software allows you to schedule and conduct virtual appointments instantly from your computer. The DrChrono Telemedicine functionality will enable you to plan arrangements online and send emails to your patients quickly. You can also provide patients with real-time consent forms, which they can sign on their desktop, iPad, or iPhone. Overall, DrChrono has positive remarks in most of the telemedicine software reviews.


Using NextGen EHRs’ patient portal, the software offers e-visit, a virtual office visit between you and your patient. E-visits are inexpensive and straightforward to set up and implement. You can conduct the meeting via videoconference, phone, or online chat, according to your preference.

Overall, this function increases safety and provides access to patients who cannot travel due to a medical condition, age, or distance, or experiencing a medical emergency; COVID 19. Regardless of your geographical location, you can speak with your patients digitally and deliver treatment via NextGen.


Kareo EMR includes a Telemedicine feature that lets you connect with patients from any location at any time. According to Telemedicine software reviews, this feature allows patients to electronically follow treatment plans and administer medications, resulting in improved health results.

The most significant benefit of Kareo telemedicine to your medical practice is that it improves efficiency by allowing you to work while on the go. Moreover, patients who require follow-up appointments no longer worry about obtaining transportation or taking time off work.


CareCloud is another fantastic EHR software with telemedicine capabilities to help you manage your patient load online, reducing the need to cancel appointments or cope with a backlog of no-shows. Again, this software is popular among healthcare practitioners due to its popularity.

Furthermore, the CareCloud telemedicine feature integrates with the EMR software, offering a drug interaction function. This feature alerts you to which drugs are likely to interact negatively with one another, saving you and your patient a lot of time and effort. Overall, it is an excellent option because it is an EHR with built-in telemedicine capabilities.

Our Two Bits About Telemedicine Software

Now that we have provided you with an overview of the top telemedicine software on the market today, we would like to help you decide which one to use. While we cannot propose a single name from the list above, we can assist you in determining which one is best for you.

First, assess the telemedicine software cost and which solutions are the most cost-effective for your business. Then you might think about getting a telemedicine software demo from the vendors to see which one best matches the demands of your clinic. Furthermore, you may read telemedicine software reviews to learn about the software from existing users! All in all, we hope you make the best choice for your medical practice.

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