Tips to Maintain Optimal Eye Health

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No one can deny that the eyes are the most admirable and delicate sense organ of the human body. Therefore, taking care of the eyes is equally important. In today’s world, it can be easily stated that facing eyesight issues is common as more people are spotted wearing glasses or contacts. Having so much screen time, everyone should visit eye care centers to take some eye care services and checkups from time to time.  

But are eye care facilities that any eye care center provides important, or is it a waste of money? Is it necessary to have a good eye care center in the town? Yes, having a good eye care center in the town is crucial. If that is close, then that’s a bonus point. Normally, people consider eye care facilities not worth it or do not consider having regular eye checkups. But, having good eyesight is more important than having beautiful eyes. Timely eye checkups will keep up with the power of the eyes but also can track any eye disease like Glaucoma from starting, leading to its treatment at an early stage. Also, some diseases can lead to permanent eyesight loss if not treated at the right time. Thus, taking care of the eye is important, and taking any eye care facilities is not a waste of money. Having those eye care services from a well-reputed eye care center is equally important. A good eye care center always has top-notch quality machines and better services. 

For healthy eyes and proper eyesight, only checkups are not enough. Many factors determine eye health, including healthy food, adequate nutrition, smoking habits, screen time, etc. So, to have better eye health and prevent any diseases or vision loss, it is beneficial to take care of these aspects too. Here are some tips that one can apply to keep healthy eyes for a longer run. After all, the eyes are a chief part of the human body. 

Proper nutrition, balanced diet – A balanced diet with adequate nutrition is crucial to keep humans healthy. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc found in food items like leafy vegetables, citrus food, and fishes like salmon and tuna are essential for better eyesight.

Avoid smoking – Smoking is dangerous for the eye as it can damage optic nerves. Plus, it accelerates the risk of age-related eye diseases like cataracts.

Sunglasses always – Sunglasses protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Exposure to the sun can lead to eye diseases like cataracts. Thus, it is advisable to use sunglasses that can block 99-100% UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Protective eyewear – Some professions require people to wear protective eyewear. But protective eyewear can save eyes from injuries or accidents while playing or constructing something. 

Limited screen time – Screens are an integral part of life. But staring at it for a long time can lead to loss of eyesight, pain in the eye, redness, or dry eye. To avoid these, try to maintain proper distance between screen and eyes, use blue lens glasses and give adequate rest to the eyes.

Needed rest for eyes – Eyes need rest like other body parts. So during screen time, try to give rest to the eyes every 20 mins. Follow the 20-20-20 rule (look 20 feet away for 20 seconds after 20 minutes) to avoid eye strain. 

Apart from these, check family medical history. Also, visit an eye care center and take eye care facilities regularly to avoid any eye mishap.

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