Top 5 Best Software Development Companies in Miami


Miami is one of the best places in which to locate top software development firms that can help your business build the solutions it needs to thrive. These firms can assist in crafting software products tailored specifically for your organization’s growth.

These companies specialize in web development, mobile app development and e-commerce as well as custom software development. When selecting the ideal partner for your business needs, consider factors like prior experience, communication skills, budget constraints and verified customer reviews when making your selection.

Mercury Development

Mercury Development specializes in mobile app, website and AR/VR development for clients of all sizes. They boast 17 years of experience within the industry.

Their services are customized to each client’s specific needs, offering quality assurance (QA) and business analysis (BA).

They’ve created apps for HSBC, Kensington, Thompson Reuters and Barco; as well as receiving an award for top Android app development.

Nearshore custom software development company that specializes in digital growth and data agility. They partner with businesses from diverse industries like insurance, logistics, construction, retail and travel.


Intellectsoft is a digital transformation consultancy and software development firm, working with businesses from various industries. Their wide range of solutions includes blockchain, cloud development and IoT technology.

Their team of 350+ employees specialize in software development, web design and IT consulting – having created software solutions for over 500 clients.

Intellectsoft has provided cutting-edge digital and technology solutions to some of the world’s largest brands for 14 years, helping them transform their businesses through various initiatives. Intellectsoft has assisted international brands like EY, Jaguar, Harley Davidson, Nestle Eurostar & Guinness reach their digital ambitions.


As mobile and web app usage expands, businesses face an ever-increasing challenge of staying up-to-date. That’s where hiring a top software development firm in Miami comes into play.

Concepta Software Solutions employs approximately 50 professionals and specializes in enterprise software for healthcare, hospitality, construction and business services companies. Their tailored tech solutions, mobile app development services, IT staff augmentation solutions and data intelligence services make Concepta an indispensable partner to these industries.

In response to policy changes, our company team developed a website for a stroller rental business. Their project involved creating both a frontend interface and backend content management system; using information given from their client they completed this work successfully.


Zoondia is an innovative technology company that equips businesses with tools to better understand their customers and optimize the sales process. Their core product, Zoondia Cloud Platform, allows companies to offer real-time analytics and insights to their clients.

This vendor also provides customized consulting services, helping businesses create and implement strategies for sales and customer engagement.

This agency specializes in mobile app development, custom software development and web design services for clients in various industries such as finance, insurance and healthcare.


SolTech provides software development, IT staffing and consulting services. Their team of specialists specializes in creating web and mobile apps tailored specifically for each of their clientele’s needs.

Business services also assist companies with recruiting and hiring top IT talent, to ensure that clients have access to cutting-edge technologies.

The company provides an array of services, such as mobile app development and Salesforce implementation. In addition, they also offer business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions.

SOLTECH was contracted by a financial services company to build a platform that would enhance their internal sales management process, using SQL, Microsoft Stack and other technologies. Their partnership was communicative throughout, and they delivered an outstanding product.

Solo Media Group

Solo Media Group, established in 2017, is a small development and design agency comprised of 10 employees who offer custom software development, blockchain services, e-commerce capabilities to their clients.

Miami-based firm Envision Technology Group has built a sterling reputation for producing advanced technology solutions, from transportation and gaming industries. Their experienced developers provide cutting-edge tech to businesses across various fields.

The agency boasts an eye for detail, bringing sophisticated business concepts to life with clean code and fantastic UI/UX. Their services can assist businesses automating routine tasks while improving communication through cloud-based software applications.