Unemployment Insurance – What You Need to Know


Whether you’re an unemployed individual who’s filed for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, or an employer who wants to ensure your UI claim is approved, you need to know the most important steps to take. In this article, I’ll discuss the requirements to receive UI benefits, the work search activities you should do to qualify for UI benefits, and how to appeal a decision.

Work search activities required to receive UI benefits

Whether you are applying for unemployment benefits or already receiving them, you must look for work actively. You can also register for reemployment services to help you in your search.

You must conduct one or more work search activities each week. These activities may include registering with state career centers, networking, and attending job fairs. You can also contact recruiters, staffing agencies, and possible employers.

Your state may also ask you to keep a record of your work search activities. This can include details such as your name, date, contact time, and the work you applied for. It is best to keep this information for at least a year after you stop receiving UI benefits. You can print out a work search activity log, or you can use a web-based application.

Some states require you to submit a written work search log each week. If you do not provide a work search activity log, you may be required to repay your UI benefits.

It would be best if you also were honest about your efforts. You could face criminal penalties for example if you falsely claim you searched for work. You should also avoid lying in your affidavit. The DES has the right to audit your submissions for up to two years.

UI claimants should request payment early on January 3

UI claimants should request payment early on January 3, as that is the date benefits are expected to begin being deposited into your bank account. The US Department of Labor (DOL) is expected to notify you by email, text message, and postal mail of the same. The information will include updates on your application status, including missing or unpaid payments.

The Department of Labor has also released two new web pages to help you navigate filing for UI benefits and appealing a claim. These pages are the Department’s effort to minimize the number of general calls to the Claimant Assistance Center.

The UI Online portal allows users to request their benefit payment for the two most recent weeks. The online system will send users an email notification when correspondence is ready.

The UI Online website has also introduced a new feature that allows users to change their correspondence preference from paper to electronic mail. In addition, users can request direct deposit or debit card payments.

The UI Claimant Assistance Center will be closed on Monday, September 6. Although the call volume is expected to be heavy, the center will reopen on Tuesday, September 7. You should contact the center later in the week for the most accurate answer to your UI questions.

UI claimants should appeal a decision.

UI claimants should appeal a decision if they aren’t satisfied with the outcome of their claim. This is a formal process that allows all parties to participate in the process.

The hearing is usually held over the telephone. All parties must be sworn in before the hearing is held. The UI Division provides testimony at the hearing. This may be the only opportunity to present evidence.

An impartial appeals officer will decide the case after a review of all evidence. The result will be a written decision that states the facts of the case. The appeals division will mail a copy to each party as soon as possible.

An appeals decision is usually issued within a few weeks of the filing of the appeal. Therefore, the best time to appeal is within ten days of receiving the decision. If you don’t receive a decision within this period, you can contact the Appeals Division for more information.

You will also be given a reference number if you decide to file an appeal. You can use this reference number when you apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance or another benefit. You are also eligible to apply for reduced-cost legal services.

The most important part of the process is the evidence you present at the hearing. You will receive a hearing notice with the date and location. It’s also essential to provide the hearing officer with any scheduling conflicts that you have. If you cannot appear at the scheduled date and time, you can request a postponement.