Using a Safe Exam Browser


Using a safe exam browser is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from internet scams. Whether you are a student, employee, or business owner, you must use an internet browser to access information and communicate with others. The best way to ensure a secure exam browser is to use one made specifically for education.


Using the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to take an online exam is a secure and reliable way to ensure you are not using any unauthorized resources during your exam. It is a web browser that combines the features of a regular browser with a slew of additional capabilities.

Safe Exam Browser works on both macOS and Windows. While the operating system differences are minor, some features are specific to each platform. For example, the SEB for Windows runs on Firefox in a XUL runtime mode, whereas the Safe Exam Browser for macOS uses a web browser framework.

The SafeExamBrowserInstaller application is a Windows application that enables users to install SafeExamBrowser. To start the installation process, download the SafeExamBrowserInstaller and save it to the “Downloads” folder. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the installer into a folder on your desktop.

After installing, you should be able to use the SafeExamBrowserInstaller to get the SEB browser up and running. Once it is up and running, you can configure the browser to display only approved resources. For example, you can disable navigation controls, change the region settings, or disable the back/search navigation.


Using the Safe Exam Browser in an exam system requires a few different configuration keys. These keys are used to check that your exam system is configured correctly. The keys are also used to ensure that the Safe Exam Browser is being used.

There are two types of keys: Browser Exam Keys and Config Keys. Using Browser Exam Keys can be less secure. It balances the need for security with the need for ease of use. The keys are sent with every HTTP request. Using Config Keys is more secure. This allows you to use SEB in exam systems with centrally managed devices.

When you start SEB in an exam system, it displays a dialog window. You can quit the browser by pressing the Quit button or by resetting the browser. You can also change the default settings. You can quit SEB by pressing the shutdown button when the exam is over. You can also remove the browser profile.


Using safe exam browsers is a valuable technology to help students prepare for Moodle exams. These browsers are designed to save temporary files and can help students learn how to navigate the exam system.

Safe exam browsers can be used in Moodle courses to deliver quizzes. These browsers require the student to download them onto their device before taking the examination.

Safe exam browsers work on both Windows and Mac OS. They can be used on either a student’s device or in a dedicated computer lab. However, a safe exam browser is incompatible with the NC State Virtual Computing Lab, which uses SEB 2.0 or later.

SEB is a web browser that controls VMware Horizon View. It provides a variety of settings to help the user interact with exam systems. It can also handle connections to third-party applications, such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF plugin. The web browser can be used to access cloud services, too.


Designed by ETH Zurich and Educational Development and Technology (LET), the Safe exam browser is a free, unified internet browser that provides secure exams for students and teachers in various environments. With a Safe exam browser, any computer can be turned into a secure workstation. The software also allows teachers to configure multiple behaviors and processes of the system. So, whether using a computer at home or on campus, you can easily configure the Safe exam browser to meet your organization’s needs.

SEB is available for both iOS and macOS. Depending on your needs, SEB can be configured to display a list of current exams, an exam portal page, or a particular config hyperlink that can be opened from any app by the examinee. SEB can also be configured to display the standard macOS menu bar in a browser window. SEB also has an optional “Quit Password” that can be entered to allow students to quit SEB midway through the assessment safely.