Brief categories of Boise electrical contractors and their duties.

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A Boise electrical contractor is a registered business owner who hires a professional electrician to perform electrical work. Electrical contractors must be registered with The Corporate Registry, Information Services Corporation (ISC) and licensed by TSASK.

Electrical Contractors Categories

Electrical construction. It means the business of designing, installing, constructing, repairing or modifying wires or conductors used for lighting, heating, power, or signaling purposes. There are three types of electrical contractors:

General Full Boise Electrical Contractor

General contractors, also known as full electrical contractors, are registered business owners who hire qualified electricians to perform electrical work. General contractors must be bound and registered with The Corporate Registry, Information Services Corporation (ISC). At least one licensed Electric Journey Person is required for TSASK licensed and Saskatchewan State or Interstate Certified staff with two years of experience in electricity trading. An Approved Electricity Traveler may not be hired by another Approved Electricity Contractor or Employer while on the Contractor’s List of Employed Travelers. The Journeyman listed in the company must be the owner of a valid Electric Journeyman license. Bright Ideas Lighting Company is Boise’s best electrical contractor. They’re ready to help your project run smoothly.


A Restricted Electrical Contractor is permitted to perform electrical installation work of up to 120 volt AC, modification, and maintenance of industrial instrumentation and related circuits. The contractor has the right to carry out electrical work in the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of overhead transmission lines, power lines, underground cables, and equipment related to the transmission of electrical energy. The contractor has the right to carry out electrical work in the construction, conversion, and maintenance of overhead transmission lines, power lines, underground cables, and related devices for transmitting electrical energy.


Electricity Limited Contractor Licenses limit contractors from performing electrical work up to 200 amps and 240 volts. They can only do business within a 50-mile radius of the city, village, or community they live in and where their business is located.

Electrical Contractors

Significant industries, such as the meals and pharmaceutical industry, need a stable, reliable, and well-performing electrical system to meet the urgent needs of prospective consumers. Even residential and commercial establishments need skilled electricians to ensure that fires and other electrical accidents are prevented.

Installing and fixing electrical systems is not like your typical home decor project where you can DIY your way into it. This system requires technical skills because it is risky. So, if you want to hire an electrical contractor to do some work on your property, make sure you find a qualified person.

Determine What Type Of Electrician You Need

Electricians have their specializations, including residential, commercial, and industrial electricians. Since not all electrical needs are the same, it is essential to choose someone who can handle the electrical problems on your property.

An industrial electrician specializes in repairing, testing, and maintaining electrical equipment in factories, mines, and plants. It requires advanced knowledge and skills to handle complex industrial equipment. Industrial electrical services include installing an electrical system, troubleshooting, and repairing industrial equipment, such as pneumatic, hydraulics, etc.

On the other hand, commercial electricians provide electrical safety testing, repair, and maintenance in buildings such as retail stores, commercial offices, and different businesses. They plan, design, and diagnose electrical systems that meet local electrical codes.

Licensed Boise Electrical Contractors

There are multiple explanations for why you may need the services of a skilled electrician. If you’ve made a connection, need an upgraded outlet to include USB ports, or want to upgrade your electrical panel, you need to get quotes from several experts to make sure your work is done safely, accurately, and for a reasonable price. On the other hand, if you see problems such as frequent tripping of flickering lights and circuits or having no power over something as complex as a device, you should find an electrician near you who can start repairs quickly.

In addition to responding quickly in many cases, electricians familiar with the home in your neighborhood may be able to offer advice to avoid future problems. For example, they may know that homes in your area were built when households had low electricity, so you should upgrade your circuit breaker panel. Or they may recommend a whole house surge protector if the surge is expected in your area.

Whatever the reason you need an electrician, here are some questions to ask before hiring.

  • Do you have a license?
  • Are you bonded or insured?
  • Do you offer a warranty?
  • How much will I pay for the project (s)?
  • Will someone else do the work?
  • Will you pull out all the necessary permissions?

When comparing contractors, be confident to ask about their specialties, especially if you require support with a larger project, such as installing or installing electricity in a commercial building or upgrading old knobs and tube cables.

When should I Call an Electrician?

Outside of electrical emergencies, there are general projects that a licensed professional can help with;

  • Installing a light fixture or chandelier
  • Install a ceiling fan
  • Adding an outlet 7
  • Updating or replacing a circuit breaker
  • Installing or updating an outdoor panel
  • Adding outdoor lighting
  • Installation or maintenance of any other electrical properties

How can I find a reputable electrician?

Knowing how to research local professionals and what questions to ask when interviewing potential candidates can help ensure you are hiring an excellent professional. After finding potential candidates,

  • Compare a few prices.
  • Discuss licenses, certifications, and experience.
  • Ask about warranties and guarantees for work.
  • Ask to see insurance proof.

Can I do the electrical work myself?

You are not recommended to do electrical work independently without a license. Even if the task seems relatively straightforward, an inexperienced DIYer can cause home or physical injury due to electrical work’s underlying complexities and dangers.


When selecting a Boise electrical contractor, it is essential to choose someone who can handle the specific electrical needs of your property. Check the company’s portfolio and interview to determine their level of expertise, experience, and ability. Make a note of the general requirements you need to check when looking for an industrial electrician to work in your factory or industrial setting.

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