Company Protection – How to Guard Your Brand

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Your label is your brand. I know this could sound like an obvious statement, but since the internet continues to emerge because of the marketplace of choice you will have to be more aggressive in the defense of your respective brand.

Long before Google, if the customer had an issue along with your business they would simply thunderstorm into your location and requirement to speak with the manager. Website storm onto Google and also trash the reputation of your organization with the use of Consumer Complaint Internet sites. In no way am I discrediting just about all consumer complaints as low, but the popularity of sites just like Ripoff Report in addition to Complaints. com has become a heart for insidious content.

And to help make matters worse search engines like Google have no responsibility for the information posted by 3rd get-togethers, however, Google is also auto financing and legitimizing these sites using Google AdSense campaigns. Now you have two separate get-togethers benefiting from one lie placed about your business. To shade an even clearer picture in your case, we will now examine the things I call the “Slander to get Cash Scheme. ”

Slander For Cash Scheme

– A customer enters your technician shop interested in getting a controls alignment on their 2004 Average Civic. After you check all their car you discover that they likewise require four new tires in addition to back rotors. You give the purchaser the price for the wheel place, but also inform them that they have the need for 4 new tires in addition to 2 back rotors possibly the problem will persist. The purchaser determines that they will only pay for any wheel alignment and nothing considerably more. After two months have passed, often the wheel alignment is now balanced out again due to the poor quality of the tires. The same customer hard thunder storms into your location demanding a new refund, in which you pull your personal notes from the transaction, in addition, to politely informing them of your tips at the time of their last provider visit. The customer becomes mad because you refused to give these individuals a refund or re-align the car for free.

2 . Purchaser then in turn contacts any local Better Business Bureau and files a new complaint claiming that your small business is a scam. In addition to the criticism from the local BBB, the purchaser also posts a one-sentence entry on Rip away from Report calling you a hoax artist, and your business useless. In their posting on the criticism site, the customer makes not mention the fact that you well-advised them that they would need 5 new tires and completely new rotors. Now you are identifying a decline in your clients, and the national roadside online businesses are no longer sending you crisis calls. Despite the fact that you have been in corporate for over 15 years and have got built an impressive reputation in your area, this one post online has become eroding your business. You have no idea exactly why you’re losing sales and possession dropped down to a few faithful customers. Then one day your sixteen-year-old daughter informs an individual that there is a negative article about who you are on Google. Your heart rate boost as you type your label into the Google search box, and also there it is in striking at the top of the page “ABC Auto Is A Scam. inches

3. You try to repost what actually happened so that they can prove that your business is not useless. You even try to contact the particular complaint site and ask those to take the page down since it is not true, but no one would certainly reply to your emails. When you look closer at the bad post you notice that people have added anonymous feedback also calling your business useless. Your gut feeling informs you that the other posts are usually from the same guy since they were entered only mins apart, but never the particular all of the posts as well as listed under your identity. You also notice that several advertisements for Reputation Management internet businesses are along the sides of the criticism site, advertising that they can take out negative sites like the one occur to be on. Then to add means to injury you receive an email message from the host of the internet site 6 weeks later telling you that they are willing to remove the web page link for a fee of $3500. You contact your attorney and try hard to sue the site for slander only to be informed that they are secured under freedom of dialog laws.

In a recent appointment with Tyronne Jacques PRESIDENT of Remove It Now. com, he shared with us many of the challenges that small business owners usually are facing as they try to shield their brands from Web Slander.

“I’m sure that if President Bill Clinton closed into law Section 230 of the Communications Decency Action in 1996, he had little idea that it would be used in a really horrific manner. Every day countless false allegations are placed online by customers that happen to be unfairly accusing legitimate corporations of operating as cons. ”

How To Fight Back!

As a business owner, you have the right to offer protection yourself against online problems from both disgruntled shoppers, as well as competitors. Your model took years to build and is also in fact a symbol of your live performance, which also means that it’s well worth protecting. Listed below are two things that can be done today that will begin building a fence around your current brand.

1 . Create many versions of your website: The only way an attacking website like Rip off Review or Complaints. com really can hurt you if they will land on the 1st page. Yahoo and google will display on average 10 backlinks on the first page which can be associated with the searched keyword. For every one that keyword is the name of your respective business. This strategy will begin taking up space on the 1st page of your search results, hence leaving less room for anything else to land.

2 . not Become your own publicist: You have a right to publish optimistic content about you and your enterprise, exercise this right! Bear in mind what I said earlier, Yahoo and google remain on the sidelines on this big mess that they are yet to create by referring to all posted content as “3rd Event Submissions”, therefore get your unique 3rd party to defend your company. You could accomplish this without spending all of your gains, especially with the help of Social Media.

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