Duplikium Trade Copier Review


Delirium is a cloud-hosted trading copier. It allows users to copy trades from one account to another. It can be used on MetaTrader 4 or Cloud-hosted. It costs approximately $99 a month and allows users to use multiple trading accounts. It also provides a graphical user interface.

MetaTrader 4

A delirium is a cloud-hosted tool that allows traders to copy trades from one broker to another. It offers support for MT4 and cTrader accounts. It also offers risk management tools and reverses trading. This feature is useful for traders who want to take the other side of a risky buy or sell. Another feature is the ability to split your investment between two accounts.

If you’re a fund manager, you’ll want a reliable, affordable trade copier. Duplikium’s service provides unlimited accounts and is fully cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining a virtual private server. In addition, it has low latency, a huge range of advanced features, and cross-platform functionality. Unlike most other systems, you don’t need to set up a 24-hour VPS to use the Duplikium Trade Copier. Besides, its back-end portal and 100-innovation features make it a top choice for fund managers.

Cloud-hosted tool

Duplikium Trade Copier is an ultra-low-latency, cloud-based platform that lets you copy trades from one broker to another. The service supports multiple platforms and brokers and is fully integrated with cTrader. As a result, it is an ideal solution for low-latency strategies.

The service has been designed with individual traders, signal providers, and asset managers in mind, allowing it to meet the unique requirements of every trader. It is simple to use, reliable, and flexible. It even provides advanced risk management tools to help traders manage their risk. It supports several trading platforms, including forex, CFD, and crypto.

Copying trades from one account to another

If you’ve been using a trade copier, you’re probably aware of how convenient it can be. This tool lets you copy trades from one account to another, and you can use it to duplicate trades from a different brokerage account. In addition, Duplikium comes with risk management tools, which are very helpful when dealing with large operations. It works well for partial closes and other features you’re used to seeing, and it still allows you to trade manually on your copier account.

Many features make Duplikium one of the best trade copier tools available. It offers a wide range of benefits, including an unlimited number of accounts, low latency, and many other features. It’s also compatible with multiple platforms.


The cost of a duplikium trade copier varies according to the plan you choose. You can choose from two different payment options: a prepaid plan or a pay-as-you-go plan. A prepaid plan offers flexibility in how you use your trade copier, especially for smaller accounts. With the prepaid plan, you can deposit funds into your Duplikium eWallet, which will be debited after each copy order. In addition, you can connect as many enslavers and enslaved people as you want, and the cost will be determined by the number of orders you copy each day. A Daily Fix Fee of 0.1 EUR per master connected to your trade copier is also charged.

A cloud-hosted trade copier such as Duplikium allows you to copy trades between multiple platforms and brokers. It is also customizable, allowing clients to specify which accounts they want to use. Currently, it supports MT4 accounts, cTrader accounts, and FXCM accounts. It also features a risk management tool that allows you to reverse trade when you make a risky buy automatically. The tool also has a split feature that allows you to split your investments to reduce risk.


Duplikium trade copier features include risk management and partial closing. Therefore, the trade copier is ideal for large operations. It also allows you to trade on copier accounts manually. However, you should note that this trade copier does not automatically close your accounts. For this reason, it is important to know the status of your trades and how they will affect your overall account balance.

Duplikium Trade Copier is a cloud-based trade copier that enables you to copy your trades from a master account to a slave account. It is compatible with all platforms and brokers. It also features low latency and supports unlimited accounts. It also comes with advanced risk management features, which you can use to set the size of trades for enslaved people.

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