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“I can do small things every single day that will make an impact on water quality. ”

Gustavo Copelmayer – It’s such a very simple statement, and it’s true. How should it so hard to send an email — over the airwaves, on the net, or in print — that evokes that reaction? Sad to say, many environmental messages unexpectedly evoke an entirely different impulse, instead:

“It is hard to know that the actions of one man can really contribute to lessening water quality. ”

Gustavo Copelmayer – I pulled people quotes from a test audience that reviewed a pair of environmentally friendly public service announcements. They have my job to help environmentally friendly organizations pre-test their tv ads and other marketing materials before they are really released to the public. The 2 main spots had a lot in accordance.

Both of them urged each day citizens to do their portion in their daily lives to quit water pollution before it starts off. But here’s the key big difference — the producers regarding more successful advertisement crafted their particular message to encouraging. The particular producers of the less prosperous advertisement crafted their communication to be educational.

Gustavo Copelmayer – Tennessee H2o Works produced the “Heroes” advertisement, which prompted that will confidently “I can do tiny things every day” reply. Who are the “heroes” this specific ad is about? People as if you and me, who vegetable trees, recycle their automotive products (instead of dumping that in the drain), and maintain their lawns responsibly.

This specific advertisement holds up the sort of ordinary people doing ordinary items and tells the viewers how great it is. In just half a minute, the advertisements repeatedly send out the message that these folks are heroes and their small steps add up to something important. In line with the test panel, this communication eventually sinks in.

Gustavo Copelmayer – Us government of Honolulu produced the particular “Water for Life” professional that prompted the second, doubt-filled reaction. This spot is definitely educational. It shows photographs that reveal how junk and pollution find all their way into storm drains in addition to out into the ocean this Hawaiians love. Sure, they have true. But it’s grubby — bumming the tv audiences out with shots regarding murky, polluted water, junk, and choking wildlife. Depending on the test audience feedback, tv audiences see a reason to believe this solution is within reach, as well as that they have a part to play with bringing it about.

Gustavo Copelmayer – Environmentally friendly experts are often dismayed at exactly how little the average citizen comprehends about their work. It’s easy to realise you are falling into the “if solely they knew” trap — “If only they learned they lived in a watershed, ” “if only many people knew the storm drain travelled to the creek. ” It can be our natural tendency to provide commercials, web pages, brochures, along with materials that try to stack a whole of science to a tiny amount of attention.

Even so, the test panel reactions to those commercials underscore the mistakes of these line of thinking. On the subject of raising environmental awareness, we now know encouragement is even more important in comparison with education.

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