How To Match Your Black Bag To Your Outfit. Is It Really That Easy?

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There isn’t a single woman out there who doesn’t have at least one black bag. The black bag is an essential of every woman’s wardrobe and arguably not only one. Black bags come in all shapes and sizes from clutches to shoulder bags and even cross-body bags. Whether you’re dressed up or down, a beautiful black purse can be paired with everything in your wardrobe. If you’re unsure about what colour purse to wear with your outfit, go with black; it never fails to appear stylish. Our focus today is on all the ways you may wear your black bags and how to find a perfect one for every outfit.

Black tote bag for every day

There should always be a tote bag in your closet, but consider this – a black leather tote bag! It can be worn with virtually any outfit. However, be wary. Though these bags are made of leather or vegan leather, they appear very casual, so be careful not to confuse them with evening wear. Another interesting type of black tote bag is the one made of cloth with creative prints decorating them. These can be perfect for grocery shopping or thrifting expeditions and because of their neutral look, you don’t have to think much when pairing them with the rest of your outfit. Simple light-wash jeans with a knitted sweater and cool sneakers will look very fashionable as a black tote bag hangs from your shoulder.

Should your bag match your shoes?

This is definitely one of the most often asked questions in the fashion sphere. A couple of years ago, people used to look down at anybody who dared to be so conservative as to coordinate their accessories and even their colour palettes. In some ways, people have seen it as wearing the same label from head to toe, a bit tacky. However, just like anything in fashion a lot of rules are there to be broken. Basically, if you’d like to look more polished, you should definitely think of matching your shoes and a bag both in colour, pattern, and material. Of course, the overall vibe of the pieces should also be considered. On the other hand, if you want to have a more playful look, don’t be so strict about matching these two accessories.

Choose the bag based on the occasion

Not all black bags are alike, their shape, size, and other accessories make them perfect for different occasions. If you’re going out, you’ll probably have a hard time deciding which of your sleek black handbags to carry, especially if you have more. If you’re planning to wear a little black dress or a backless gown, it’s best to avoid carrying a large purse. However, this is not your only option since clutches are also always in with their modern look. On the other hand, when you’re on the go, nothing beats the convenience of a travel bag. Black sling bags and messenger bags are excellent choices for this occasion. These bags are large so that you can fit all of your must-haves inside of them as well. When you’re on a road trip, they’re a godsend.

Black bags are perfect for the office

You should never forget about a perfect black bag you can wear to your 9 to 5. Professional dress, including your purse, is an implicit requirement when you enter the workplace. It’s time to get rid of your flamboyant handbags while at work and focus on the size of your bag and its functionality. A medium-sized bag is ideal, but you may go with a simple black bag and experiment with basic patterns, but avoid glitter or bling options. What’s great about black bags that are more professional is that they’re very versatile. Here’s another pro-tip – you should always pair your shoes and your bag for the professional setting!

Choosing a perfect black bag that’ll go with your outfit may look extremely easy, however, there are multiple factors to consider. Depending on the occasion, your shoes, and preferences you’ll be able to match your favourite black handbag to your outfit.

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