Rashmi Rocket movie review: Taapsee Pannu’s Dedicated Effort

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Sports and girls are two entities with no connection. The Rashmi Rocket movie review will show you how these thoughts need to vanish in our society. The power of any emotion and spirit is always free of the gender base. Yet, in India, the common belief has not been accepted in reality.

There are only a few stories of female athletes in our country to inspire. Society is against it on a rooted level. Yet, those with a stronger will and freedom of mind keep breaking the barriers set on silly notions.

This Taapsee Pannu stares movie is all about one such girl from a small town. The deep-rooted conceptions of society about girls are like a cage to these birds. And bird who flies off with sheer effort inspires many others to stand for themselves and break the unjust barriers.


Rashmi Rocket review: What is the plot of the film?

The journey of any barrier-breaking movie starts with freedom. In this movie, a girl from a small town runs like a rocket and achieves glory. She reaches a national level breaking all societal barriers based on gender. The story takes a turn as the path ahead becomes as devastating as death.

A gender test unfairly hits her life and, things start to rumble. The career of success is now ridiculed by society as she faces a ban. But as they say, the winds turn again and again in favor of the spirit. As the story leads and a lawyer supports the girl. They fight together with the unjust laws of the nation and carry the rocket to new highs.

Taapsee Pannu leads from the front in one of the most dedicated works of her lifetime. She carries with herself a flame that extinguishes only with choice. Rashmi Rocket has a solid plot and delivers an inspiring journey. The world is the limit if we are free from the limitations filled in our minds by our surroundings. Breaking the barriers like Rashmi is how one must live a life of freedom.

Describe the main characters in the film?

Rashmi Rocket movie review

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The various characters playing a pivotal role in this movie are:

  1. Rashmi Rocket: Played by Taapsee Pannu. She is the leading lady breaking the barriers and inspiring girls.
  2. Ramnik Virah Chibber: Played by Manoj Joshi. He is the
  3. Mangesh Desai: Played by Zafar Karachiwala.
  4. Maya Bhasin: Played by Shweta Tripathi
  5. Dr. Eeshit Mehta: Played by Abhishek Banerjee
  6. Praveen Sood: Played by Aseem Jayadev Hattangady

These are some of the main leads in the inspiring story of the female athlete. Catch the speed of this rocket and see her struggling journey only on Zee5.

Rashmi Rocket review: What is the IMBD rating of the movie and its reviews?

The IMBd rating of the movie is as good as 7.9 stars out of ten. The tale of a glorious girl fighting all odds and winning is inspiring. The critics and the fans are in appreciation of the creators of the film. Such inspiring tales are must be known to every youngster of the nation.

The nation stands with the spirit of glory and effort. Every such individual is fighting for freedom. This film is a complete family entertainer & a must-watch.

Rashmi Rocket movie review

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When is it going to release?

On the 15th of October 2021, the film will release.

Will the movie be released in theatres?

No, it is released on ZEE5 only.

Who is the inspiration behind Rashmi Rocket?

A village girl Dutee Chand.

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