The Best Private Clubs in Singapore


At this unique private club, you can foster conversations and connections with creators and explorers across 22,000 sqft of stylish space. Additionally, this venue provides gym membership, foot reflexology spa services, entertainment lounge access, meeting rooms, as well as access to unique restaurants for an array of amenities. Read the Best info about private clubs Singapore.

Join this exclusive club and challenge what members’ clubs usually stand for with world-class marina facilities, five-star dining experiences, and an exquisite members’ lounge – designed to connect and inspire.

Tanglin Club

Tanglin Club, one of Singapore’s oldest private clubs, has long been associated with prestige and luxury. Boasting membership from over 41 nationalities, the club features 27 suites, eight dining establishments, a swimming pool, squash & tennis courts, and many amenities – plus a gym, jackpot room & hair salon facilities for members’ use.

The Wine Club features an impressive collection of wine and an intimate bar, making it the ideal spot to unwind and meet like-minded individuals. In addition, members can attend masterclasses on topics ranging from wine blending and aging to wine-tasting techniques. Established by Grant Ashton in London, now with an outpost in Singapore – South Asia’s most extended list of wines can be found here!

This luxurious club offers networking space for entrepreneurs, businesses, and thought leaders. Distinguished by the exquisite Timothy Oulton furniture and photogenic capsule-shaped phone booths found here, membership to this club is by invitation only – providing access to everything from free masterclasses and peer mentoring groups to virtual or physical coffee sessions with fellow members.

Tower Club

Imagine private clubs offering exclusive benefits, luxurious decor, and long wait lists, but they offer much more. From networking opportunities with Singapore’s elite members to access to special events – private clubs provide their members with various advantages.

Tower Club, a private business club for New York’s elite, draws many of the country’s highest flyers. Situated on the 62nd to 64th floors of Republic Plaza’s penthouse building, it features breathtaking city panoramas and three leading dining establishments for members to gather.

This unique swanky club provides the ideal space to unwind. Take advantage of modern facilities ranging from five-star restaurants and wellness spa services, co-working areas, and family-friendly sports programs for all ages at this family-friendly club.


Overlooking Robertson Quay, 1880, is a multi-sensory experience. Founder Marc Nicholson engaged Timothy Oulton Studio to design an atmosphere that “sparks imagination and encourages conversations.” When entering, guests pass through a green-tinted mirror tunnel before arriving in the club lobby with 1.5 tonnes of rose quartz crystal and steampunk-inspired phone booths.

The club was designed to cater to an exclusive clientele. Members can come together over drinks, dinner, co-working space, and fitness classes; free programs such as bo, ok/cooking clubs, and walking/mahjong groups also exist.

Singapore private clubs offer exclusive benefits and allow their members to rub shoulders with high-fliers of Singapore society. Furthermore, these social spaces can host critical social events. However, these clubs no longer focus on luxury decor and cigars alone – instead, experiences are now central. Here are some of the finest clubs available across the nation.

Straits Clan

Singapore residents may have heard about Takenouchi Webb, a local architectural practice specializing in Asian design, creating an exclusive members’ club recently located on Bukit Pasoh Road. As designed by this collective of architects, this club pays homage to both Asian design and local culture with features like Shanghai plaster adapted from colonial buildings and ventilation blocks from public housing stairwells incorporated.

The 22,000-square-foot space boasts workspaces, alcoves, entertainment lounges, eateries, and a gym. Public access is granted to Clan cafe and lobby lounge, while the upper floors house an exclusive club offering rooms suitable for special events.

Its membership brings together business leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs from diverse industries. Its club fosters connections among this diverse group by hosting talks, showcase events, and performances, offering shared dining spaces, entertainment facilities, and work areas for everyone to use.

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