Thredup vs. Poshmark- which one is the best?

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Mostly the need to go shopping is stressful and the best thing to do is to take your smartphone, tablet, or your laptop and order at the comfort of your home. Fortunately, there are online stores to ensure that you don’t have to move a muscle to get that piece of cloth you want. Amongst the popular stores, there is Thredup and Poshmark which are going to be reviewed below.

Thredup vs. Poshmark comparison overview

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To advertise your clothes, you need to send your clothes, and Thredup list them up on their sitePoshmark allows sellers to personally advertise their products on their own
First-time buyers are welcomed with multiple discountsDiscounts are only available if a seller decides to reduce the price of the products
$10 discount for every first order$10 discount for every first order
The shipping fee is $5.95 and free for orders exceeding $79The shipping fee is $7.5
It’s easy to find what exactly you are looking for thanks to the powerful search filters.Product descriptions are set by the seller as such some items may be hard to find as a result of poor description
There is a poor commission for sellers even those with good brands and items in great conditionPoshmark only takes 20% and the rest is for the sellers therefore in the end they remain profitable
It offers returns and you need to pay $1.99 for the restocking fee.It does not offer returns unless your product does not satisfy what was in the description.
There is no communication with the sellers, you have to rely on the product description.You can communicate with the sellers to ask any questions you might have about the product.


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Thredup clothes are from different sources and one of the common is sellers sending their clothes to the warehouse. Here the clothes are sorted, photographed, and put on their site. The store is more brand-focused and as such it is more expensive compared to conventional brick and mortar stores. First-time buyers get a 10 discount. The ordering of clothes is the same as other online retail stores. You just browse through different items adding those that you want to your cart and pay at the end.

Moreover, the search option allows you to refine your search based on price, size, brand, color, etc. Thredup is great for ordering items from different sellers as the shipping is combined. For items greater than $79 you get free shipping. They offer great deals with selected items going for a 20-50% discount. For every purchase, you are awarded points that you can redeem when they are worth $10. The bundle feature is one of their best options as it enables items bought within 7 days to be shipped together. If the orders exceed $79 you still enjoy the free shipping offer.


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Poshmark has a different setup compared to Thredup. Sellers are responsible for setting up everything on their own from setting prices, taking pictures, and writing the product’s description. On Poshmark there is no cart to add items from different sellers. Because of this, you have to purchase from individual sellers separately. Also, discounts and shopping costs from different sellers cannot be combined.

Buyers have a great chance of getting great deals from Poshmark as some sellers greatly reduce their prices when they want to clear their stuff. You can ask for a decreased price for an item by submitting an offer to the seller. The seller can either accept your offer, counteroffer, or reject your proposal.


Both sores have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want one store is better than the other. Their differences in service delivery enable you to choose the best option for your specific preferences.


Which one offers cheaper shipping fees?

Poshmark is relatively cheaper than Thredup. Despite this, you can also get great sales at Thredup especially if you are a first-timer.

Is there a difference for sellers between Poshmark and Thredup?

The major difference is that for Thredup the inventory is kept by the company, whilst for Poshmark, sellers keep their stuff.


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