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All about – Are you an Android cell phone user but are unaware of the majority of the features it provides? Do you want to find out safer and enjoyable functions on your phone? Go through this short article to know some of the Android tricks and tips, which will help you.

Most people in the present world use Google android phones daily for phoning, messaging, and more. Android may be the mobile operating system, which most phone manufacturing companies use in their phones. There are lots of features, instead of calling and messaging, to become examined. Explore the concealed features and many time-saving tips in your gadget. – The primary issue a phone user encounters is battery issues. The majority of the Android phones have a built-in power strip option, which often, when activated, provides more rapid disconnection of all the phone is the battery, thus killing the applications typically. Another feature is, you can be the developer of your family phone settings. Go to the ‘Settings,’ select ‘About phone’ solution and tap seven instances on your phone build number.’

An onscreen countdown will be shown on the screen, which is followed by a command sharing with that you are now a creator, and the ‘Developer option’ will be shown just above the ‘About phone’ option.
This ‘Developer option’ can be utilized well to minimize the lagging of your Android-phone as well. – By reducing the ‘Window animation scale typically,’ ‘Animator duration scale’ and ‘Transition animation scale’ in ‘Developer option,’ from 1x for you to 0. 5x, your mobile phone may feel faster than ever. Now you can get a grip on those annoying app notifications by extended pressing on the information on the app, on notification tavern, which will show a data icon on the right nook. Tapping on this icon will give you the option to prioritize your warns. You can block unwanted applications, hide private information or choose priority mode for the most earlier app.

To zoom to and from your Google maps while traveling, all you need to do is simply double tap on the spot as well as swipe upward or downwards. This tip will help you to steer clear of the problem of pinching your phone screen while controlling your phone to stay in the location, all while driving. – These days kids use their parents’ phones more frequently. To keep aside your kids from getting into dangerous games, adult content, or even accidental access to your financial institution, this feature will be used. Go to ‘Setting’ then to ‘Security’ and enable the ‘Screen pinning’ option. Open the actual app you wish to pin and protect, then press the virtual overview button to flag the app.

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