WA Country Builders Reviews


WA Country Builders is one of the best home builders in the Geraldton region. They are well established and have built homes for over 6,000 people. Their range of new house designs is by far the largest in the area.

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WA Country Builders offers you the most extensive choice of new home designs by a country mile.

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WA Country Builders prices are for informational purposes only.

When shopping around for your new house, it is essential to know the best and most cost-effective options. The WA Country Builders website offers a range of house and land packages. While some of these are standard designs, others may require some modification to meet your needs. Some of the prices advertised are based on formal specifications and include site work allowances. However, your final price may vary depending on the exact location of the property, as well as the landowner’s pricing. In addition, you’ll need to factor in costs associated with site establishment, landscaping, and stamp duty, if applicable.

The WA Country Builders site is designed to make it easy to find the most efficient and convenient options for you. You’ll be able to browse through their portfolio of award-winning designs for farmhouses. As part of your research, you can also check out the Padbury Estate for award-winning farmhouse designs on a few acres of land. Alternatively, you can take a short drive to Bunbury or Dardanup for a more rural setting. Regardless of where you decide to build, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality service from your local WA Country Builders team.

WA Country Builders is a well-established home builder in Geraldton

If you’re looking for a good home builder in Geraldton, WA, you might consider WA Country Builders. They offer award-winning customer service and a wide range of home designs to suit your budget. You will also be looked after throughout the construction process.

One thing you should be aware of is that this company is a family-run business. This means they are more likely to employ local labor. Also, they are a member of the Master Builders Association.

Since 1991, WA Country Builders has built 6000 homes for Western Australians. This means they have a strong understanding of the local building market and the specific needs of people in regional areas. For these reasons, they offer excellent value for money.