What to Consider When Selecting the Best Storage Unit?


Are you living in a small house or apartment? Having not enough space for your luggage? Then, a storage unit is the best choice for you. Having more stuff than your space is ending up with more clutter, which is a source of depression, and it’s a basic need to transfer your extra things to a storage unit regularly.

Though leasing off a storage unit to store your stuff, whether for a long or short duration, is better than hiring an apartment for this purpose. Before proceeding with this, you must declutter your luggage. Separate the extra stuff you do not like anymore or are not useful and keep them in three different containers for throwing, recycling, and donations. Now make a list of all the stuff you desire to transfer to storage units. It will help you choose a storage unit with the exact size and layout at a reasonable rent.

Coming back to the selection of storage units, it’s quite tough to find the best storage unit according to your requirements. There are many things you must consider before selecting a storage unit. You should know which storage unit cleanout Benicia CA they have hired and what other facilities they offer.

With that said, take a look at some important factors that will help you select the best storage unit:

Size of Storage Unit 

A wide range of different size storage units is available depending upon the price; large size storage costs more, so use your money wisely, keeping in mind the exact size of storage you want to hire. Different layouts are also considered important factors in determining the right size for your storage unit. Some units look smaller in size but comprise many vertical spaces inside. Some storage facilities are wider in scope but short lengths, Don’t ignore these factors and select the storage unit keenly. It’s highly recommended to determine what items you have to store and how much stuff you have to keep before any dealing.


After determining the right purpose and storage unit capacity, the most important step is to take care of the location of the storage unit depending upon the short-term or long-term duration of storage. Storage units closer to residential areas are highly recommended for easy access. Generally, the storage facilities in residential areas are costlier then but hiring these storage units will save the transport expenses.

Location of storage units is not very important in the case of short-term storage, but if you have to use the warehouse for a long period, then it’s honest advice to choose the nearest storage unit. 

Building condition

While looking for a storage unit, it’s an important factor to keep the building condition on priority for the safety of your stuff. Storage units having the building in good condition and proper ventilation to avoid saline and other damaging effects are chosen more likely than those with poor structure, leakage, and humidity issues. Before selecting a storage unit, make sure the team’s building has a proper drained system, ventilation, and electricity.


One of the most common and major issues while keeping your stuff in storage units is stealing your objects. So, I always preferred a storage facility giving the security offers. All the companies are not focused on security issues, and some provide this facility with extra payment.

Always choose a storage unit with a security fence, a lock system, proper monitoring of the particular areas, and security guards.

Payment policy

Most important and the last one is payment methods and policies. Discussing the billing and offers before leasing off a storage facility is necessary. Some companies offer a free storage facility for the first thirty days or a low budget, consult with several storage providers and grab the best opportunity according to your budget.

After deciding the price, let’s ask about the payment criteria: monthly or weekly? Recommended is to choose weekly billing because, in the case of monthly billing, you have to pay for 30 days even if you hire the storage unit when just 4-5 days are left at the start of a new month.

Currently, the use of storage units to sort out the issues regarding space shortage is very popular. So, consider the abovementioned factors and select the best storage unit that meets your criteria. But, as stated above, you need to remove all the unnecessary stuff and junk from your home. After all, no one would like to pay for storing junk items. So, contact 3 Kings Hauling & More at your earliest. They will remove all the unnecessary stuff from your house and dispose of it safely.